Living Like TEOTWAWKI Could come At Any Time

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    I found this at the end of a letter to Living Like TEOTWAWKI Could Come at Any Time, by Mrs. C.J. -

    I think this lady's way of thinking.

    Maybe it can be like that old REM song: "It's the End of the World as We Know it and I Feel Fine." I'm being a little facetious; I don't know how fine I'll feel if and when TEOTWAWKI really happens. I hope I will be able to sing. Singing brings joy when there is none, peace when it seems distant, and comfort in uncertainty. In any case, there is quite a measure of comfort in knowing that you're living as prepared as is practical for you and your family. Living this way is rewarding in itself even if that day never comes. For me, living diligently prepared, having things ready, acting frugal, practicing for unexpected changes to life's plans, and gardening makes each day richer.
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    Great post! Being as well prepared as possible is definitely worth singing about!