Live zombies, i swear!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kyfarmer, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. kyfarmer

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    Obomations latest tour to blame the right for his failed polices, i watched a clip of some of it. The people sitting behind him had this shat eating grin on their faces and a huge blank stare. He coulda said all you dumazzez are going to be beheaded after the show and they would have clapped and smiled and, where do they get these people are they evil robots or just live zombies. :p $50B of our, your money is going to be funneled to the unions now to try and buy the mid term elections. I,am just glad my money isn't being wasted on stupid stuff like helping control our wide open borders, what a waste that would be. :rolleyes: In the mean time live zombie alert! Why cause i said so, he! he! :D
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Must be the "change" Owe-bama promised. You know, cronyism, back room deal making, buying votes, soaring deficits, pourous borders, blaming previous administrations, partisan politics ... He's just like all the others who preceded him.

    I can't believe people ever voted for this guy.

  3. HarleyRider

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    Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him.:gaah:
  4. HozayBuck

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    He's not even close to the ones from before, he makes Jimmy the weasel and willy the snake look like Regan !!...

    I remember when Truman was president to now and never seen one this bad.

    I just can't figure if he's a Commie Muslim or a Muslim Commy... but he's part and both..

    I'm not a racist I dislike his white side too....

    So far I've not seen anything that would imply he sold his chit to most Americans..

    Hard times ain't really hear yet, what's coming will make this look like a cookie sale down at the church... I feel sorry for those silly bastards who judge us by the sheeple... heavy price to pay for misjudging the people
  5. kyfarmer

    kyfarmer Well-Known Member

    You got that one right. I always said they get what they deserve but crap! we are gona get it to. Now how's that for ironic. I hope our country can survive this mess, hate to see what might be by next year guess we will see. I still sees those dang zombies/card carrying commies. ;)
  6. Bigdog57

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    The one I utterly hate and detest the most is that cackling harridan nancy pelosi (no caps for her name...) - y'all see that video clip where she has the cojones to state, "We MUST pass the Healthcare Bill so you can see what's in it!" She is so giddy, she's nearly peeing herself and can barely keep from giggling hysterically....... She's the Zombie Queen - they not only 'walk among us', they hold high political office!
    This woman is absolute EVIL personified.........

    bobo the White House Clown is merely an empty sock puppet with someone else's airy hand up his backside making him say and do things. The truly funny thing is, the kenyan has the narcissistic stupidity and 'big head' to actually believe HE is in charge. When he has served his masters' purposes, the sock puppet gets cast aside into the trash heap of history......