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    :rolleyes:Yeah, I know...

    -I shouldn't be giving anything to the homeless because that facilitiates them and anything I give them might further enable them to remain on the streets rather than seek treatment, make amends with family and propel them back into a normal, healthier life style, permanently.

    -I already spend too much money to help the folks in Africa deal with that they should be dealing with on their own, and as long as we keep helping, they'll remain at a level where they aren't upset enough to do something substantial to change their lives, permanently.

    -I know that if I continue to make such practices habitual in relatively good times, I'm going to be an EPIC FAIL during the looming food crisis because I'm not going to keep eating when children are starving.

    So be it...

    Now that we've addressed those issues, if you've got some constructive advice and some street experience, what should go into the smaller handouts?

    We do this at different times. This is a higher level of activity time, some might figure it's because of the holidays but it's because the weather begins turning nasty now.

    Supposedly we're heading toward a miserable wet winter that's we already know is going to be hard. I'm not gearing up to help the voluntary homeless, and there are many of those, and not the panhandlers, but the unfortunate ones I see moving along, not begging, obvious signs of problems on their faces.

    I'd heard from a formerly homeless guy that throw blankets are good, but full sized ones are a waste because layers are needed beyond a sleeping bag and eventually the other ones become so dirty and worn they get ditched. Layers are needed. Ponchos are good stuff for covering the ground, pack, self, and hanging. I also know, as I mentioned with just giving stuff to regular folks, it's best to give things when needed and only when needed so the snivel gear is obvious.

    But in addition to the usual food, vitamins, bottle of clean water, etc., is there something in a small bag that you'd provide?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, socks, gloves.

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    Toss in some underwear (new, not used) as well ... three-pack from WallyWorld would be good too ...

    Oh ya - laundry-soap.
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    In my travels I have found that if you ask the front desk at most hotels you can get some of those items free, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors and shaving cream. I also save the unused shampoos, soap, coffee and sugar packets and stuff from the room. That is how I stocked some of my B.O.B. stuff

    If you know a few people who travel for business they could probably help you stock up on that stuff at no cost. Or you could just call a few hotels and tell them what you want them for and they may just give them to you.
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    Stocking cap? Canned food that could be eaten cold? Small sewing kit?