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Discussion in 'Water Filtering & Storage' started by SimeaseDream, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I'm wondering where I can find some. You stick one side in water and drink from the other end. It will filter 1 liter of water a day for a year! If I remember correctly, they were relatively cheap. Anyone know?
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    Lots of companies have come out with these to aid in African I read. There was another besides Lifestraw that seemed to have better filtration properties but the name escapes me at the time.
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    Keep an eye out for stuff like Coast Guard certification and other certifications, there are a LOT of fakers out there that do little or nothing to treat the water!

    For several years, Colloidal silver was the big fad for a while but it's virtually worthless as a purification agent, and it IS WORTHLESS sold as a pour through (or draw through) filter since it works so slowly...
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    OK, rather than start a new post I dug this thread up from a while ago. I hope people don't mind. I've been to the lifestraw site and it doesn't seem you can buy them in the USA.

    I see them for sale in Australia?

    There are other straw products on the market, some look even better than this one (but very expensive in some cases), but I think this one has the best pedigree. Does anyone own one and how did you buy it?
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    Anyone? :)

    I was checking out vids on youtube and need one more than ever! Some guy drinks cow poop. If not I guess I go with that aquastraw...
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    I am interested in the straw filters for emergency situations. However from what I have read on other water posts. These straws still should be used in conjunction with other water purification techniques and should not be relied upon to drink straight from a cow pond.
    I personally don't have experience with these straws but I would like to get more input from those of you that have.
    In an emergency you cant't afford to make matters worse by making yourself sick.