Liberal Media Bias?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cowpuncher, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Author's Note--

    I am an atheist, so take anything I say in the following lines with that in mind. ---

    I am a bibliophile. I LOVE to read. I love the feel of printed paper under my fingers as I visually scan the lines of letters and words. As such, I read a lot of books and magazines on my areas of interest, generally from varying points of view.

    Over the last week, I read nineteen books from my local library that were political/philosophical studies of the "survivalist" movement. Most of course, focused on the "Christian Identity Militia" type of survivalists, but every single one of them at least attempted to illustrate a connection between "survivalists/preppers" and the "Identity" types.

    I am well aware of the fact that I am not a white supremacist/separatist. I am simply concerned about being prepared for natural and man-caused disasters and the possible collapse of civilization as has occurred repeatedly through the history of societies. I find it offensive that the typical liberal media types automatically assume that I am some sort of anti-government Nazi.

    However, are they right in regards to the majority of "survivalists?"

    My question would become, what percentage of the people connected to the preparedness "community" have conscious or unconscious ties to the extremists such as those who were once at Hayden Lake?

    For those of you who are Christians, does the supposed relation between survivalism and Identity christians impact your willingness to share your preparedness beliefs with others?
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    Wow - some loaded questions there.

    I would classify myself as being an olde skule prepper of the late 1800 -> early 1900's variety where taking care of it your own damn self was the only way to survive - the government handouts amounted to naught. I believe that the current form of government has allowed the dumbing down of society and that society in general is looking for the easy life - the convenient life - the hand outs.

    My religion has nothing to do with my prepping - my influence lies 100% on my own grandparents and parents who taught me how to do things without needing to rely on others (stores, handouts, etc). I do go shopping, and, sometimes I waste money doing so, but, in general, I don't shop for "stuff", I shop to help complete projects of some sort.

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    As many of us have firearms as part of our preps and general outdoors based lifestyle they like to paint us as nuts. This is part of the agenda to marginalize anyone who acts like things aren't just hunky dory.
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    I hate it when people think of Idaho and the first things that come to mind are either potatoes or nazis.

    Those idiots that used to have that compound up in Hayden Lake were not survivalists. They were not preppers. They were nothing but neo-nazis. They didn't gather supplies and prepare for disaster. They sold drugs and beat people. If anything, were nothing more than a poorly conceived terrorist organization which used religion as a cover for their actions.

    I do feel that we get pigeon holed in there with them, which is sad.
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    My desire to prep and homestead is separate and distinct form my religious beliefs. I prep because of my life experiences (my influences come from my grandparents, parents, in-laws and my personal life experiences). I am a prepper who happens to be Christian or a Christian who happens to be a prepper. I do not subscribe to any extremist philosophy. 'Nuff said...................
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    Sorry allen. When someone says Idaho the first thing that comes to mind is spuds. :eek: I don't think I'm alone.
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    I'd rather be known for spuds than Nazis, that's for sure.

    I think you guys are exactly correct: the liberal media wants to paint anyone who doesn't support gay marriage, anyone who works for a living and doesn't relish the thought of subsidizing welfare, anyone who isn't willing to blindly follow what Obama and Pelosi say is good for us, anyone who wants to stand up for what they believe in . . . as nutcase extremists.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are nutcase extremists in the "preppers" group. I don't feel as though I am one of them. A lot of people at work think that I am crazy for keeping an emergency kit in my trunk, along with a hatchet and a machete. I hope I never have to use them, but I'd rather be ready. And I think they are crazy for not having considered that possibility.
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    As for the religious aspect of the question . . .

    As said above, i am a Christian who happens to believe in being prepared. I spent years in Catholic schools, and cannot recall a single lesson involving what to do when Commies or Zombies or Commie Zombies attack. The two are distinct.

    Now, my Christian background has probably shaped my feelings on a number of things, but that is a matter of influence and philosophy, not a dictation from the Church saying how i should stock my shelves.