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Lets watch some street people gang members in action.

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So a gang. This is a gang. If they have been drinking and or doing drugs, all day long. The violence, starts later. Mostly. Most psychopaths are bipolar. Hot and cold. Happy and then mad, at the drop, of a coin. Especially when drinking, and or doing drugs. Especially when in groups. They like dominating people. They like it. When they are laughing, when kicking someones teeth in. It's because, they think it's funny. They really do think it's funny. 52 seconds long. The one who walked away, is also, probably, a gang member. All trying to expand there turf, right now. (High foot traffic areas. Lots of crowds). Maybe wrong. Who knows. Covid about over.

Human beings are omivores. We hence, attack each other to. Especailly people, that are seperated from the herds. Just like a lion would in nature or a bunch of lions would.

Sometimes people get too drunk and get into fights. No one seems drunk. So why? Gangs. Interesting to see, what happens in the future here. Just butting heads somewhat, right now, if it's the gangs. One gang warning another gang. Just started. We may get to see what happens. Violence. Young, maybe he just got mad. That's a real possibility to. (Alone).
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Man who stopped rape told ‘You’re dead meat’ before being shot, inquest hears
So instead of using guns they use knifes. Again not much being said so it's not white males. Don't push the (white powerless) agenda the press (government) wants us to believe we are the bad people and all others are our victims and deserves to get what we got (worked hard for). No one race is perfect either. We are all the same that way. All sides (races) have done wrong.

Two teenagers at Surrey, B.C., school injured in alleged assault, police say. You can expect them to publicly lie about the reasons, they fight each other. Gangs.
Ex-boyfriend pleads guilty to manslaughter in death of Surrey teen Kiran Dhesi

So if you listen to 2:12 video in this story. What would it take for you to cover-up a (accidental) murder done by a family member? Lots of violent gang members are family members and relatives of each other. And to burn the body which makes all kinds of evident recover, much much more difficult. Especially when you came up with a plausible reason afterwards, but is now much harder to prove, like accidental death.

So why does this guy have a loaded and restricted hand gun? Most people do not know but Canada with all it's gun restrictions, especially hand gun restrictions has more hand gun violent crimes than the USA does. At one time anyway. As we get more foreign devils, and the problems they cause, I expect violent crimes to get worst, and not better. A gradual increase with the government trying to cover up the truth. Like see in 10 years and then 20 years. Lots of people from various countries see to have little respect for human life.

Still have people they call slaves in some countries and are treated as so to this very day. Where you can beat your own wife and children to death, and get away with it. Same with some places that still have (holy avenger) killings of family members for trivial reasons, to a civilized person.

A lot of these places have staggering levels of highly addictive hard drug use in these (Holy) countries and or are full of (Holy devout) peoples (religions). Where they kill each other and abuse each other and hate each other.

For criminals, especially handguns they are easy concealment and easy level deadly quick murderous violence. Also extreme intimidation to locals. No mention if handgun was used in crimes. would have be mentioned, I guess. Makes all kinds of government departments look bad and they want to cover-up for them. So who knows.

Government workers will do anything for easy careers and easy pensions to you and yours. Modern day slavery.
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Ottawa police operation at Rideau Centre is over — investigation continue. Ottawa police operation at Rideau Centre is over — investigation continues |

So if this was a gang member and police are making sure they understand what happens when they get like this in Ottawa. Canada's Federal capital city. I hope they understand the gang(s) are just going to come after people you care about instead. Try to get them enraged about this just cause or that just cause so that person does crimes eventually. Become a junkie jihadi or a drug addict junkie. Whatever. A prediction of the future. That still intimidates locals like the mall staff and businesses and shoppers. That the real goal. It will only get worst. Locals know now know how dangerous the gangs(s) are. Gang intimidation tactics. It's going to be one big drug party, for gang members, as they go to corrections facilities. That person is a die hard gang member proving themselves. Intimidating locals. Only just started. The R.C.M.P. will flounder around, as usual. Putting on a show for the press. Feb 23 2022 Past midnight.

That is all that is going to happen. Basically. Still allowed to be there. There mere presence, is all it takes. Will become more and more of a gang haven. The R.C.M.P. will arrest you, if you do anything to there beloved gang members, R.C.M.P. rat, trouble makers.

Sure looks like they are doing something though doesn't it? Might even be a minors first time, so a slap on the wrist with a wanna be (gangster). How come people even know he had a knife? That person made sure people knew. (Displaying). Gang members do that all the time to people.

When you are dealing with capital cities. It's a bit strange. They can take your money at gunpoint. Call it laws. So they do not suffer from traditional economic downturns locally so much because of gang presence. So housing prices stay higher than they should be. Since people have lots of government jobs. There careers are safe, so they do want it both ways. High paying government jobs (careers) and housing prices going up. Ultimately though, they will choose to keep there careers, and have gang members around locally. Can expect police to arrest gang members, and bet them up, if they stray from there poor areas (apartment buildings around (downtown)) of the city, to there (rich) neighbourhoods basically (houses) (driving needed).

If it is not already happening. The local malls will start to have businesses shut down and higher lever floors, will have government departments moving in. If it is not already happening businesses will start shutting down at 5PM downtown. Except for a few. All people almost in there will be gang member drug dealers and junkies basically. Staff to. No matter how they dress or act and victims who they try to get to go there, and other places like the bars still open. Expect more violence, as it becomes, a more and more important drug gangs location. As more and more drug users and other criminals come around like terrorists to. Of course that's where the schools are for lots of young people to.

So the wanna be baby rapist in room 203 is banging around again. Staff got him drunk again.
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A 12-year-old girl has been left traumatized after she was tortured during a sleepover in Logansport, Indiana on Friday night.

So domination via terror and violence of a child. Made videos. A indicator, that if she said nothing, that she would be threatened with showing videos to people(s), who find it (funny) to see. Who are those people they were planning on showing those videos to. Probably there (friends) gang members basically in training. Always in training.

Eventually and fast too probably, she would have been forced to have sex, (passed around basically) and become a prostitution basically, and would probably end up, being one, all her life, and a drug addict. Forced sex to her being a better option than torture. Just another crazy street person. Getting passed around to various government departments then. Especially after she was no longer a minor. What she would have considered acceptable behaviour, to do to others, as done to her, would shock, and horrify people. Would think it is normal and OK, and a form of (raging) at the injustice done to her repeatedly, that she could do to others. People act in predictable ways, as to what get done to then. The medical community, call you crazy for acting in (normal) ways, as a victim. While the police, courts and medical community continue to make sure you are victimized. That is what they do. So does the courts. Well not it's a P.R. issue. So pretending. Not poor to I guess.

The press and the courts, will want you to focus on how she can be helped. That is important. They will not want to you to focus, on what gets done to these hardened career criminals, only just started, in there life of crimes. Wait and see. You will not be told, reminded. Will not want you to think about, how laws should be strengthened, and others things done to. If only to save one child. Career security has become more important. Easy careers and easy pensions.

Mark my word, they have lots of friends just like them. In school. There friends. Friends outside of school. That go to the same schools or others. They naturally gravitate towards each other. Form gangs to dominate and harm and destroy people. Did she say to one of them there ankles were fat? So then death and torture it is. Or as good as. Did school staff tell her to try to be more friendly to them? All kinds of it's your fault). While at the same time, they would freak out, if even a fraction of the same things, were done to there own children? Yet again. They need to start being fired, and publicly pointed out. The press will not even ask. Unless forced to.

There friends are all the same. What one does they all do. That is a defact-o fact. Even if you do not understand. It's only your childs life and sanity at risk. They cover for each other naturally to. Blame the victim still, to this very day. In any way they can. what ever school those girls went to. You do not want your children in there around those school staff either. schools are like a world unto itself, in what bad things, go on in there. There are all kinds of indicators, that mean that school, is a disaster, for your children to go to. Including excuses being offered, as to why the things are the way there are. Not your problem, or supposed to be your problem either. Then the press is waiting to destroy people, whom make the slightest mistake, in trying to change things, for the better. Even if someone (feelings) get hurt, and call it racism.

School staff, employees, official need to stay in whatever school they work at for there entire careers. Or at least in state ort province. That's it. No longer a teacher ever again otherwise. Have to stay and deal with the consequences of the trouble they make. Who fault is it this time? More that one, and I don't know, or care. It's all there fault. It was a team effort. It was to. Maybe I am wring in this one case. I am not right this time, next time, I am, which has already taken place somewhere, in some way. That is all that matters. why does the press really say nothing. Because they must.

Are these girls drug and alcohol users already? At what ages? 10?
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RCMP say officer 'struck in the head with a bullet' during Sask. raid where suspect was killed in shootout.

Do you know why criminals have weapons like guns, knifes, or whatever? Not to shoot it out with police. Sometimes it does happen. It's to shoot it out with each other, when they have to. But mostly, it's to scare and terrify locals, and dominate them. Mostly. Movies have you convinced, it's about fighting the police, and each other mostly.
So this guy who did this is a already convicted sex offender or will be if he is caught. I bet he knows other people like himself locally. We had something like this happen years ago. Young girl hauled into woods, off a trail and sexually assaulted. A career criminal, already with a rap sheet, allowed to wander around. A gang member or gang member friend. A career criminal Looking to commit a crime of opportunity. As soon as he decided, that he wanted to sexually assault someone, he did. I wonder if he got to fantasize with his career criminal pals for maybe months or more before he did that. That guy here in Yellowknife. Don't forget he was just misunderstood. This problem seems to be especially bad with pampered minority groups or groups treated by the press as victims themselves. So criminals in those groups use just public awareness as a excuse to (get off) easier. You know they are just misunderstood you see. They are the victims or injustice, etc. You know, white powerless. They make all look bad. Then they move on and be something else to further get away with abusing peoples. Some. Just criminals exploiting all opportunities offered to them. Especially sex offenders, and gang members, and career criminals do this. (Hardened career criminals and junkies). This person whom tried this with this girl has no respect for even your basic human rights what so ever. He decided his needs and wants are more important that your rights. Those kind of peoples are extremely dangerous. in anything they get involved in or with. Extreme responses to something they consider important to themselves individually. Anything goes. Easy to understand in this case.

People who should be put away with maybe multiple life sentences in prison are let to run wild in Canada. They are pampered and protected until they get caught only, in very serious crimes, as they get more and more, out of control. Delusional thinking. "I own this town" and such screamed out loud, and still can not buy me, a slice of pizza. I literally said back out loud "buy me a slice of pizza" or something like that and that person was laughed at. Happened several times to several different people. Making such proclamations. That stopped happening after that. I burst his bubble and others to. That is all it took. Now I say all kinds of things about the gangs and such harassing me. they are loved and protected so it continues. So these people who is or will be a gang member, is loved and protected to. Will be afterwards for sure. After off probation for sure. If he gets caught. Someone how acts out his crazed sexual violence fantasizes. You know people whom fantasize about cutting out a girls genitals, and wearing them inside there pants. Cutting there breasts off. Doing everything they can, to keep you alive, so they can further torture you (young women, children) in the most horrific ways possible. Etc. They are all the same. They really are. If you do not agree with me. Lucky you since you do not understand. Lets hope your family survives your lack of understanding in all being done and why. Career security.

The worst of the worst in all forms of crimes and violence floats to the top in gangs. That is just a bunch of people together, around each other merely. Whom are like this. Places where they go, run by gang members to, and or drug addicts, and jihadies, prostitutes, and such. So the R.C.M.P. are going to need more funding and such. Watch and see. If not now than later. Bigger budgets. Better career security. The police and courts in all nations, want to do this type of thing. They want to.

Police person says it appears to be random. A career criminal, looking to do a crimes of opportunity. They sure dress nice to. Some have vehicles to. They get worst and worst as they get away with more and more. If these types of people (full-time career criminals) were charged with all the lesser crimes they do. Many would spend 100s of years in prison. Instead they are pampered and protected. A assault is you push someone or punch someone. Get into a fist fight with them. Being downplayed. P.R. damage control. (R.C.M.P. covering up for criminals, directly to the general public). No mention of race so most likely not a white male. Such incidents are exceeding rare is a lie. They are so violent and brutal, that the sexual assaults mostly, don't get reported, especially by young boys and girls. Especially these days, with the medical community, wanting to milk you to, and not have your child s best interest at heart. Your second victimization. that maybe more harmful to you or your child in the long run. Life quality wise. There are lots of examples of how the more control your government has in your life (poverty) the worst life turns out for lots of those people. Crime, violence, poverty, lack of education, victimization becomes easier by more and more groups. Victimization of you and yours. city hall always seems to be involved up to it's eyeballs in such things. City hall everyday staff to. Crimes to, against poor people.

I don't think you understand still. Street people, like gang members, are experts lets say, at intimidating people. Lets say, you can fight off one of them. They will show up, with 3 or 4 gang members, and do whatever they want to you. Including constant intimidation. They do this all the time, to even each other. They fight and kill each other sometimes even. It is literally, there nature. Part of there violent, mental disorder(s). Combined with severe drug and or alcohol abuse.

If she had been sexually assaulted or something else. And she told or not. Some would know and come after here in different ways. Even by her just acting different. Personality changes. Even just other people who want to attack her. Rivals in school for example. Forced to become violent and or suicidal. Maybe violent suicidal. Other serious criminals do the same in there own special ways when they can. Government workers to. Take advantage of her in there own special ways. For there own special needs. It's all the same. Basically always. It's you fault. It's the victims fault. So we need to do this to you. If you do really need there help, for any reason, look out then. Like you are a poor person, or have been traumatized. They will make sure you are traumatized. Or otherwise unbalanced. Meds.

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So as gunfights with police become more commonplace. The police will do less and less to them. Not want to have to do search warrants and such. Not pot smokers anymore. Well they had lots of practice with that so lets see what will happen. Time will tell.
This is a very interesting video. I think most people will find this shocking but not understand how shocking it truly is. What it means. Please watch video 1st and look around at what's going on maybe.

So this happened in Vancouver. The best place in the world to live at. This is to intimidate locals to. Everybody in every office is talking about it. Only just starting. It is always only just starting. Covid restrictions being lifted. Border clashes. If that's the case the victim and assaulter(s) are both criminals. The Art of War. Attacked them where they are weakest. They do that all the time. Make you weak. Constantly surrounded by violence. The RCMP will have a big thing about violence and (hurry up and wait) for locals to accept the (new norm). With some area(s) of town, city.

The R.C.M.P. will get violent, with gang members, who leave these areas. Kind of like beat a attack dog, who leaves it yard. Gets off it's leash. Then there rights don't matter. Teaching them.

If you start seeing security in these places, it will be foreign devil security, whether you know it or not. Time will tell when standards get lower and lower for acceptable behaviours. See the people standing around the person, on the floor, after he got attacked? In his personal space, after he got pushed down the stairs. Right then? (Children of the corn). Another group together, in the distance, just happening to be there? Making sure it got done maybe. Gang member proving himself(s). Various people standing around watching passively. Creepy? I can imagine comments being made. what did you expect. You owe us money. Our turf now. Rat. Called that by full-time rats themselves. Etc. Could be wrong of course. I wonder if almost all businesses shut down at 5:00PM. Always a bad sign.

To bad I can not see that guys face, who pushed the other man down the stairs. He looks a lot like someone I might know. A street person from Yellowknife. Maybe. From Yellowknife. Maybe not. That fat man, might actually be, someone from Yellowknife, here before. Not big bear his street name, but another guy. Hard to tell, with face masks on. Fairly certain.

If it about drugs directly. He might have gotten pushed down the stairs, because he is a higher level drug dealer. A grandpa in the gangs. If he is in the gangs. He is a highly experience career criminal, in some gang then. Now with a beard, or bigger beard, if he's from Yellowknife. Seen him some, but not lots. The guy with the hat, acts like the guy I know to. Posing at the end, looking at the camera.

So if some young girl or boy leaves home and has nowhere to go at night or has to go to some home or shelter. These are the people waiting for them.

Hiding there faces. Isn't that strange? Maybe 1 or 2 people from Yellowknife again? Being loved and protected in a special way. Both may be too dangerous to put into local corrections and such. From Yellowknife and all that. No victimized minor in video. Life in prison and public execution is the only solution for them.

So this might be the start of another gang war.
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Old woman gets her arm torn off. Young people have some special properties to gang members. Or in being there own gang. Still gang members. A culture of silence. Around lots of people at schools for example and get to, abuse, intimidate, young people, and sell drugs, to young people. they get to get young people, involved in doing crimes. Get to recruit young people. Music makes being a street thug glamorous, being a murder glamorous. They get to terrorize people in schools, and young people, who become older people, have been taught, to treat gang members, with respect, out of fear. Gang members, have learned in schools, to get respect, from creating a climate of fear and violence. Or they might kill you. Then locally things start getting worst and worst for crimes. Crime ridden areas, become more and more important, to the gangs, and they fight it out with each other, sometimes. Young people may be treated as minors by the courts, and get special treatment. Don't forget, they are just misunderstood. Remember that in the press? Was this a gang initiation? Do they have past criminal records related to this. Was there crimes escalating. Already career criminals? Why are they still walking around till this happened? I know career security? Life in prison and public execution, is the only solution for some people. Too bad the police and the courts can not be trusted either. What a disaster. Just like I posted before. Sometimes they want to get caught, to prove themselves to the gangs. Or are very likely to get caught. Then they swallow drugs, when they go inside corrections facilities, to be drug mules, for the gangs inside. Get gang protection again once inside. Protected by the gangs while free and protected by the gangs, once inside corrections facilities. Depending on if they are held or not. Someone who has already swallowed drugs can pass the drugs along, to the new recruits, going somewhere else. Re-swallowing drugs.

In this case, adult gang members, may have gotten them directly or indirectly, to start doing serious crimes, to pay off drug debts. Or to get drugs. With these new locks (keys) and such, they need to get you, while you are in the vehicle. Car-jackings will become worst. Older people are the safest to target. Especially with the general public at large, getting older and older.

So all kinds of new drugs around. So all kinds of new crack babies are being born and have grown up somewhat. Will not be called crack babies or whatever. No morals or damaged morals. Brain damage along with a music culture promotion and glorifying violence. Also a ever present locally, gang culture. Right in the schools and right outside the schools.

The press and government also convinced lots of people that a woman didn't need a husband and father for there children. (Battleaxes). Now they are grown up, and use to talk about how the gangs, were the (family). Now these people are higher up experienced gang members.

Lots more serious drugs around then there use to be.

Holy war was declared, and is still going on. Religious war without end. Which is really about spreading the holy lands heroin around. bigger user base creation.

Just like in a bank robbery to. If a person is murdered, all are equally guilty. But they get special treatment.

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Gangs and drugs. 17:42 See a prostitute, and a violent street thug pimp. They pretend to be some type of couple. Prostitutes find out whom the real Johns are that are safe to do other serious crimes with. Listen now myself ever day or two now, how I'm going to be killed, when I go outside.

Because this pimp is dealing with serious criminals. He has probably gotten away with doing this type of thing, severe times already. Or with new criminals, he probably gets away with doing this type of thing. He can probably get away with doing this type of thing, with teens, who smoke pot in the USA.

19:18 Said pimp "became totally cooperative at this point". You are dealing with a career criminals. Whatever gets them less time. Players, gangsters, street hustle. Extreme violence and then friendliness, at the drop of a hat. Prostitute is just as bad as he is. They are a team. Works both ways. Friendliness, and then extreme violence, at the drop of a hat to. Psychopaths. They are extremely violent, always, but pretend, not to be. Sometimes they just explode to. Gang members doing there thing. Or career criminal gang members in training.

Once they get out, all these people, will be gang members, for sure. That is all that is going to happen, that way. They will be rats to. Get coaching, and practice, once inside. Years of practice doing stuff for the gangs, Learning how to do this and that crimes, and almost crimes. Looks like he is doing his job. Off the streets, and into masters criminology school. Along with becoming organized. The woman with the big rap sheet, was the one doing human trafficking. Most experienced career criminal, and drug user. Using being female as camouflage to do serious crimes. Gang adapt fast to new realities.

Life in prison and public execution. Is the only solution. Life in prison, and not allowed to be around people, who are not career criminals. Still not fixed up. He does blabber on good though, P.R. expert, and it looks like, he does his job, protection the general public at large. Maybe I am wrong, in this case. Whom knows? Correction facilities and what is allowed to go on in them is also key to your families safety. In not getting involved with these people to. They sure like coming after young people. In lots of ways to. Rap music and such is another way the gangs come after people. Especially, young people.

I don't understand why he didn't or his people didn't shoot both the pimp and prostitute when she jumped in front of her pimp protecting him while he had a gun in his hand. What if other people had been shot. Like people across the street. I know why. Loved and protected.

I guess this places law enforcement, just set a new standard, in dealing with junkies with guns, ready to be used, to shoot, and or kill people. Mr nice guy and gals police. Sexual predators to. Don't forget, they are just misunderstood. All grown up now.

Well some are getting lots of charges pressed against them. As you can see here. Even when they come out as old men, they are still extremely dangerous. Same with old women to.

Good old (The Shawshank Redemption). Give the kindly old (ex-con) men, jobs in stores right, janitors, security in public buildings, around lots of people. Why so long in prison? Murder, rape, etc. Gang members now for sure to. That was the writers. All they got to do is act like they are Shawshank Redemption ex-cons. Unless you've been there and done that TV, movies, shape your false world view, created by these mediums, (info sources) by creating, fake fantasy worlds for you, that seem very real. Maybe your only fake experiences, until something happens for real, in the real world. Camera angles, good audio, act like a bunch of good friends together. You a feel like, you are part of that group, etc.
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Gov. Abbott lays out plan to transport migrants to US Capitol. If this turns out anything like Yellowknife. (Sending hardened criminals here, psychopaths). This time in Washington DC. The federal capital of the USA. This can not be done, to any capital city. Even worst, even faster. For all. The people bused there, or on the next bus. Whatever. Are gang members, probably trying not to drool, or laugh, at the thought of, being sent there for free, to Washington DC. The very heart of Americas, political power. Being all friendly like, and around you and yours, in Washington DC. Press full of drug addicts, and agenda pushers, for there immigration (just cause). Reporters and such, being fellow psychopaths, and drug using psychopaths. New best friends. Just to start. The press will become murderous to locals. Rape and such activities to. As in rape or suicide. With what they do to you. Or attempted suicide. Then the medical community, is waiting for you, crazy. Law enforcement to. So nice to you, right then.

Expect a disaster, of biblical proportions, to occur. At the USA federal capital. Washington DC. Confidence is high. Not the slightest exaggeration. Become another Yellowknife.

What seems to have happened, in regards to violent criminals, in gangs here, in Yellowknife is. It seemed to people, years ago. This was a common complaint I heard, many times, back then. Is that outlying communities, had to house, and deal with, hardened criminals. But when it came time for funding. These criminals, and others, would end up being sent to Yellowknife, during budget decision making time. So when a head count occurred. Yellowknife got the funding. But would ship then back to, where ever. As soon as possible. People I heard around me. Kind of had a attitute, like the gov in the beginning, of linked video below. Wanting to laugh about it. I got you. Now we will see. That right. We will all see, and dispare, in horror. Years from now.

Anyway. So communities, seem to have decided back then. Yellowknife can kept them, (violent criminals), and the funding to, basically. So they get shipped off, to the capital (Yellowknife), and say here. Always around people. The obvious, ones are outside. Fighting and such outside. They are in the bars. There children, are in the schools. They are in the coffee shops. They serve your coffee. They serve your food. You buy your food from them. They will clear your floors. Be your day care workers. Be your teachers. Be your security guards, in malls, and such. You will not be able, to go to, the local library eventually, in Washington DC. Will become, a street person gang hangout. The staff there, will be drug addicts. Gang activities, will occur daily. Almost all visits, in a year, will be like 95%, gang activity related. 100s of thousands of visits, or more in a year. In a place, like that. Population wise. Yellowknife library reported I think it was 300,000 visits in one year.

Even though a place like Washington DC, or Yellowknife, is a capital city. They still have all 3, government layers there. Local city hall, and your state, or provincial, government layers. They do most of the interacting officially, with these street people, and such. They have become job security, for these government layers, at other cities, already. They will become even more so faster, at your capital city. Along with, trying to get your children, turned into junkies. To be there friends. Just like in Yellowknife. This will start, happening in Washington DC. This example, a military mans, pretty young daughter. Federal medical insurance available. If shes mentally disturbed, and needs help. How sad. Tell me all about it, since I am dressed in a suit. Don't mind the junkie gang members around listening, pretending not to be drug addicts, and junkies, and such, and or are (not pretending) are local government workers. Always worried about, getting layed off. They are so redundant, in these places. With budget infighting, between departments, and such. Besides it's so much fun. Well government work, is so boring too. Where the fun? Where's the domination?

So your local government workers. All levels, will learn, to feed new people, not like them, to the local junkie gang members, all around, all the time, everywhere locally. Everywhere. Then that young girl for example, would get passed around, to various government departments. Including the medical community. As her mental health, gets worst and worst, with all kinds of people, with fake caring, making her, worst and worst, on purpose.

After she becomes a legal adult. Things would go down hill for her, even faster. As all kinds of protective laws, for minors, are not not in effect anymore. Her family, gradually getting more and more upset with her, and isolated from her, and abusing to her, to as she gets older. Already super abusive. Even if you don't know. With deliberate stressors, applied to her, and her family, reaching breaking points, to pull her, from her family. (Easier pickings now). Making her family, eventually, not wanting anything to do with her. As the gang members, who watch everything, know all about her, and for years. Ready and waiting, and friendly at first, to her, with loving arms, and booze, and drugs, and sex. Her real prostitute training, has now begun. Along with her drug addict, and or alcohol addiction issues, getting worst, and worst. The only fake friends, she has now. Pimps, prostitutes, and such, in the gangs. (Isn't he cute, he he). Just one more victim, to be passed around, to various government departments. Like law enforcement to. Corrections to. Just another crazy. Or a drug addict, or junkie, or all of that.

Start to do for fun and to experiment, things to people, as Yellowknife does to people. Do I need to talk about, how Manchurian Candidate stuff is real, again? Repetition of horrors to you. Making horrors to you, against your will, like a song, stuck in your head, and not allowed to fade away. Etc. Still gets done to me in various ways. Even noises can trigger stuff. So a noise to you can trigger a song of death in someones mind that they may play out. Had me walking, in the middle of the road for a while. Nothing and then I am was standing in the middle of the road. With sleep deprivation torture. Things. Make sure it doesn't take right. Got you locked away in some room. My god have mercy on your soul. You will become, whatever they want you to become. Make you eat babies alive, if they wanted you to. Gangs know that now to. You would explain to the local police, why you want to eat babies alive, and why you were, eating a baby alive. You would tell the local press why to. A slam dunk law enforcement investigation. Such a horror, you would not even, want to think about it. Or wear a dead baby, inside your pants, that you killed sexually. Or cut that babies genitals out, while still alive, to wear sexually. As they tried to make me like that. A person like that.

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17 L.A. gangs have sent out crews to follow and rob city's wealthiest, LAPD says

Wow. Major backpedalling as crime gets worst, and wow information. Promised. 50 billion dollars in funding. Wow. B.L.M. The mayor covered his butt-ox, it seems. Splitting hairs now. Wow woman at end, preaching what they got to do. Her opinion anyway. So the voters, whom got them into power, on these issues, get the exact opposite, of what they wanted and voted for. Maybe the voters have flip flopped. It was such a disaster after implementing, and fast apparently.

Apparently, both sides are now one on this. (No choice). (Wow. Dems gone mad, and agreeing with Republicans, ultimately). Anything to take away Dems turning to Republicans voters. Or I should say Dems, who are going to vote Republican now. It's all about pushing agendas. You must get into power, and stay in power, to push agendas. Whatever takes. Turning on a dime now.

If the Republicans had done this. You can be assured, the press would be screaming, how you need to vote Dems. In various ways. This is about keeping as many voters as possible. They may be worrying about, there party, becoming de-funded federally speaking. Eventually. Long term, damage control plans, being implemented. By Dems doing what they wanted to, they destroyed, there own voting base. Apparently they were all radicals back then. Now they have moderates again apparently. Ignoring the rule of law, etc. Causing murder, great bodily harm, among there own people. With the press, being mouth pieces, doers, and such, for them. Strategists. Stragatizing. Without a care.

(Reporters) Mouslienes', knows what's best for you. They learned how to use sentences and grammar in colleges, and such. How to use spell checker. They decide, what's best for you to know, everyday. So they know, what's best for you. Even though, they don't even know your name, or your problems. Unless they make problems for you. Easy to do that. When they get involved in politics. Reporters and all there support infrastructure. They are just as guilty as politicians. Or more so, in some cases. Not a care of consequences to actual people. Only care about power, to impose again, upon you and yours. Get ride of politicians, parties. The press stays the same, and doing the same, again and again. Entire companies. Full of agenda pushers. Radicals. Don't you think, they are the radicals?

This is just one of the current issues in society, that all, have to deal with now. Caused by various radical agenda pushers, in the government, and the press. Not just reporter types either and politicians. Editors, executive producers have lots of power, etc. Many consider the press, the 4th arm of government. They have no real accountability. The gangs and such. Are never going away. It will at best only hide from public view. Still getting worst and worst. A 1000 years from now. This is still going to be going on. Poverty and violence go hand and hand to. Getting, worst and worst, as the years go on. As in next year, it is going to be worst.

The press is full of agenda pushers and drug addicts, and junkies, alcoholics, if you go by money, spent by them, personally. There agendas are so important to them they are willing to do anything to you to get what they want. You do anything back to them directly stalker, and see how fast law enforcement shows up.

As government have made things bad for it's people. They all want (the great enemy) to focus your rage and hatred on. Book 1984.

So when your government does not follow it's own laws. There is no rule of law for all practical purposes. So you have laws but do not follow them whenever you feel like not following them. You have a de-fact-o government that does not follow the rule of law at all. But at the same time enforces those same laws upon other people. It's own citizens. A example of, selective enforcement of the law. Some above the law. So you will also have more and more unjust laws and unjust use of the law. All go hand in hand with agenda pushers, whom ultimately, want more power, and believe, they know what's best for you. All they got to do is pretend it's like that. (Just want power and control). What a rush.

Use some teeny tiny radical minority, and force there values and opinions, upon you, your children. Enrage you. Politicize you. Force you to care. As this teeny tiny minority gets more power. There radical opinions, radical thinking processes to many, become more apparent. These teeny tiny minority want to convert people to there cause. Just like with political parties, so they can get a bigger user, and voter base. Come after the children in schools first. Then use media outlets to convert you when you get older, or keep you converted.

So when you are dealing with radicals. At first they accuse you of being unreasonable, racist, a bigot, whatever. That they are abused. Then it goes from there. Bases upon how much political power they get. They get more and more important, politically speaking, as they get more political power, and or influence. Become election issues, for politicians to fight about. How they need love and protection again you to. It means you to. That's why new laws, affect you to. No job for you. In 1st world countries anyway.

Parties can claim any agenda. The more crazy the better, when you have enough power, and then, twist that agenda, to your own purposes always. Then when the general public, gets sick of that agenda being pushed. Just move on to some other agenda, and do the same. Over and over again. To merely stay in power. Then do whatever you want, to the general public at large. Press is always involved up to it's eyeballs in this, when you get out of school. Schools always involved up to there eyeballs in this, while you are in school.

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When things get really bad. Expect (Community involvement) type organizations to get setup and involved with gang issues like street people. Mostly if they can still get away with it. It will be forcing people to (tread water, frustrate you on purpose, and get burnt out). Focusing there focus on mostly uselessness, in fixing actual peoples problems. Your problems, like violence present, in your communities. Threats of violence as street people, pretend to be, unaware crazy, or maybe because if drugs at that moment in time, and easy to (set off). Needles in playgrounds. Whatever. They pretend to be crazy in all kinds of ways around me. For years and years. It's what they do in the gangs. One of the things, they do in the gangs, for the gangs.
So this person who went on a shoot rampage was a career criminal. And why would the police want to go after a maybe B.L.M. person? After what happened to then because of the press. Now the press is at it again in a different way. It's law enforcement fault again. Press needs to make up its mind. Agendas or law enforcement. Can not do both at the same time effectively. So the press has decided, that whenever they want to, that law enforcement is political. Must be political. The flavour of the political month. News reporter says, rapes are up, murders are up and he doesn't get it. I do. The press did this. You can see his facial expression. Well the member of the press, gets his answer.

Security expert reveals why harmful people aren't being caught
Suspect arrested in Sunday's pushing incident at Bloor-Yonge station. Intimidating people. Intimidating locals. It is only just beginning. The crimes. At first the gangs are nice, and then they get, more and more violent. Want people intimidated, into not doing anything, if you see a crime take place. RCMP will get more and more angry, and lazy, as in not showing up, if you and others complain about the gangs, career criminals in gangs. Or the R.C.M.P. get mad at you.

More and more serious crimes, will start taking place. Intimidating locals into only being around in rush hour traffic basically unless you want drugs or prostitutes or whatever. Teach you to get out of there fast. not to complain. Don't worry, be scared. Will spread out to businesses and local malls. No one will want to go to big stores, and such to. Again only at rush hour traffic times. Maybe on weekends to.

Your local government, will have lots of excuses, why they can not fix it up. All provided solutions, that never worked before. Will always be about, needed more power, and more money. Things will then become even worst. Will get even worst.

Then they will need, even more money, and more policing powers, that the police will use, to abuse people, even more so. So then, they can not do abuses, to career criminals, and things will get even more worst. Until you demand, the police do more. Then they need more money, and more policing powers. Things will then get even worst. Rote repeat. Things may seem to get better for a time. Then you find out, things are even worst. Right where you are to. Why not continue? They get more money and more policing powers. Always. Instead of prison. Same old stuff. Over and over again. Always the same results. Given time. Always the same results.

Criminals are loved and protected by the criminal justice system. Gang members especially. Watch shows like (60 days in). See how the gangs get whatever they want. Are allowed to commit crimes and not crimes on people. Many get to practice for years, pretending not to abuse people. They keep doing the same when outside. In various ways. The police always want people to have criminal records. So they can say it's just another criminal. Career criminals, whom are gang members, getting to abuse people. Sex offenders are getting into the gangs to. Where else can they go?

They have no fear what-so-ever, of the consequences, of committing serious crimes. So they do this type of thing. Can not see if the female victim is white, black, Asian? So will accused, actually end up, being convicted, of attempted murder? The suspect did not hesitate to attack, from the victims blinds side to. Well in another video, it turns out the victim, is a black women. Would be interesting to know, if words were exchanged? Victim says, she was listening to music. Whatever that means. Legally speaking.

Well accused may be a drug mule to. Has swallowed drugs, and is going to bring drugs, into where ever she ends up, locally. Plea bargain and maybe a unexpected more serious charge. Pleaded down.

Suspect wearing a high visibility hat. So either a spur of the moment thing. Or wanted to be easy to find. Lots of witnesses. Said like huge amounts of money are needed, to add hand rails everywhere. If hand rails, only added around where commuters are normally at. Lots less money needed.

Everything they do revolves around there violent, and murderous, mental disorders. Combined with drug and alcohol addiction. Maybe F.A.S.D. Crack babies, and almost crack babies to. They are bi-polar to. Sad and then mad, happy and them mad. Whatever. At the drop of a hat. Completely aware of what they are doing. Just don't care.

They can be friendly right then (almost certainly just a act to get on your good side, or access to family). Then later, be raging, out of control, or want to use you, and yours up, (for drugs) and toss you, them away, like garbage. Same with your drug dealers at work. Gangs of drug users, at the workplace, are just the same. Done somewhat differently. That's all. Still drive people to violence and suicide on purpose. Just like at school. What gets done like bullying at school affects the persons entire like outside school to. The same thing happens in the workplace. Now much more experienced bullies and people whom treat people like garbage still. Much more experienced now with control over you now in serious ways.

High turn over for anything, is a extremely bad, and is a dangerous place to work. Towns, cities, states, provinces, with high levels of suicide, or attempted suicide. Whatever. More dangerous places to work or live. Always there just beneath the surface waiting for you. Gangs, street people around, is another extremely dangerous sign. Transitory population, is another extremely dangerous sign. For any reason. People do not want to stay there. Various excuses may be given. Declining population locally in town, cities to maybe. Poverty usually equals more violence and hence, career security, in government towns and cities.

If this is just a ordinary act of random violent, or even violence done, to intimidate locals. This is a good example, of how they only pretend, to be normal. What would it take, for your to get into a fight, with someone? Lots right? What would it take, for you, to try to kill someone? Lots right? This person did not get mad. This person is always, raging mad. They are always raging mad, just underneath. Sex, violence, violent sex, domination, intimidation, is all part of there fun, and raging. Of not being bored.

When someone does something, to make you mad at them, you calm down after they stop. Right? Even if it takes days, or weeks, for you to calm down. They never calm down. They are always raging, just beneath the surface. They are always, less than a second away, from doing extreme acts of violence. Good example of this. Just like that. At the drop of a hat. Attempted murder. Criminals face mostly hidden again, by altering video footage.

They could have a perfect life. At random, they would do things like this, to people still. Up to and including murder. It is routine for them to drive people crazy (mental break down) and to commit suicide. Lots of people like this, in various government departments, everywhere. No respect for human life what-so-ever. No care for the suffering they cause on purpose, deliberately, what-so-ever. When in government and business. Only pretend to care for PR purposes. At first you are crazed crazy person. Until forced to admit, they are in the wrong. Then it's not a big deal anymore. It is so bad. It is no longer a big deal, what gets done to the (powerless) victim.

I wonder if the victim works with street people, or whatever. Government worker. Nothing being said.

I kind of remember seeing, a women here in Yellowknife, years ago, wearing this same hat, and being of the same build, as this women here. Not that many cities in Canada where street people go. Not really.
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Over 100 charges laid in CTrain station drug ring bust. 2 Dozen people arrested. People in the gangs, will just step right in, and take there places. Within a few days at most. To a few weeks. I bet you can go there right now, and get asked, if you want some drugs. Every drug addict and junkie, is a drug dealer, whenever they can be. Keep arresting them right away. Then higher ups got to sell drugs or get other people, to sell there drugs. Do it over and over again, arrest the drug dealers, and higher ups have to get people, over and over again, to sell drugs for them, and display themselves more. Get lots of drug addicts, and junkie arrested, that way to. See the new people they are (friends) with all of a sudden. Or fake enemies. Whatever. Interacting. Out of province license plates, and all that to sometimes. Whatever excuse they have. Homeless people activists. Whatever. You know (former) drug dealers like prostitutes. New prostitutes around. Whatever. Prostitutes find out whom the real Johns are, that are safe to sell drugs to, and do other serious crimes with. Street people are the low end drug dealers, whatever they want to fantasize. Very brutal. The actual junkies and drug dealers. Etc. Lots of other junkies, and drug dealers to. Like your drug dealer at work. He or she, wants your kids, to be drug addicts and junkies to. Through a 3rd party, (John's, prostitutes, gang bangers, gangsters in training at school, pimps, underling drug dealers, etc) or by doing things, to your children themselves. Or you. Whatever takes, to get more drugs.

Most people are drug dealers because, they can not support there drug habit. It's all about getting money, to get more drugs. Doing there serious crimes, to get there drugs. Willing to do serious time. Because they have a serious drug habit to feed. Still know whom your kids are, even if you get a new job. Drugs so important to them, they are willing to do hard time in prison. Want others, like your kids, to sell drugs for them to. Want it to be cool. Want them addicted. Want them (hooked) on the party all day, and night, lifestyle. Whatever takes. Prostitutes will get there own children into prostitution, and or other criminal activities. Yours are on the menu to. Leave them dead in the gutter or as good as. Not even remembered the next day. Not remembered 5 minutes later. Most times. Once the corpse is gone, or sent to jail or prison.

Two family members become junkies. One dies. The other will be mad or sad to get some free drugs. That's it. Forgotten about in a few weeks, completely, basically. They are hyper focused on drugs. Drugs has become there entire life. The one goal in life now. More drugs. This is just the stuff that makes the news. 100 times that the press is aware of. And 100 times that the press is not aware of. Crimes. The press is involved up to it's eyeballs with committing serious crimes to locally. Working with the drug dealers locally and there friends. Drug users in the press.
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