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So a gang. This is a gang. If they have been drinking and or doing drugs, all day long. The violence, starts later. Mostly. Most psychopaths are bipolar. Hot and cold. Happy and then mad, at the drop, of a coin. Especially when drinking, and or doing drugs. Especially when in groups. They like dominating people. They like it. When they are laughing, when kicking someones teeth in. It's because, they think it's funny. They really do think it's funny. 52 seconds long. The one who walked away, is also, probably, a gang member. All trying to expand there turf, right now. (High foot traffic areas. Lots of crowds). Maybe wrong. Who knows. Covid about over.

Human beings are omivores. We hence, attack each other to. Especailly people, that are seperated from the herds. Just like a lion would in nature or a bunch of lions would.

Sometimes people get too drunk and get into fights. No one seems drunk. So why? Gangs. Interesting to see, what happens in the future here. Just butting heads somewhat, right now, if it's the gangs. One gang warning another gang. Just started. We may get to see what happens. Violence. Young, maybe he just got mad. That's a real possibility to. (Alone).

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This guy will use the same argument, every day for years, nonstop, if he could get away with it. No joke. Every single day, for hours a day. 365 days a year non stop. For years, decades. Just imagine what he gets like, with regular people. Especially poor people around there, when he doesn't get his way. He would be way more imitating, all the time, to poor people, like that. He is so use to doing what he wants, with like, local poor people (mostly older people). That he can not, even control himself, with law enforcement. That's how I see it anyway. Almost 6 minutes long. Just imaging this person, around your kids.

A serious problem is, how cops, (courts to), have interacted with people like myself, in the recent past, it gives people, the right, to be angry. But you have no rights, you learn. When not a gang member. Even if that person, would make you shudder, if you knew all about his crimes, and such, he has been convicted of. If he has been convicted.

They turn, wherever these types go. With or without a job, into ghettos, given enough time. Just like where they came from. The criminal justice system locally, is always involved, up to it's eyeballs, with that to. Instrumental. A key player.

It enrages you when your abusers (criminal justice system) comes and arrests you. When they didn't do there job, but got you convicted of a crime. Ending up homeless eventually. Having to worry about being killed and otherwise abused, if you do not join the local street gangs, of convicted criminals, like convicted sex offenders, and such. As I have almost been killed myself several times. All there is, is alcohol and drugs, and gang members, waiting for you, on the streets. So extremely angry people, getting drunk and or stoned, every single day, waiting and wanting, to get violent when intoxicated, for sure.

Venting at each other, and poor people mostly, that they are allowed to victimize. Then the police shows up, your abusers, key players, and you get mad at them. I don't hardly ever drink, and I never do drugs. All around me, all the time though, along with street gang members, with no morals, what so ever. Drug addicts, and junkies, basically. You never want them, to have just cause, to be angry. But some do. Like me. I would be a nightmare. And I am. I don't want the police bad. Murdering, etc. Or the courts. It's a disaster. Terrorists now involved to, in the gangs. Just the the US government said for years. Terrorism and drugs, go hand in hand. Used to take our rights away. For what? Nothing now, but various government departments, easy careers.

What a disaster. Crazy violent people with "just cause" to be murderously angry, with terrorists, in there mist. Non standard terrorism, like getting your children, into crimes and drugs, will be used by them, and is. Etc. Jihad-in all day long. All day. All night long. All night. Have fun. What a disaster. Never going away. It is even, much worst than that. They started using this, for career security. Not a care, if your family was sacrificed. Would still be going on, and is, and would be spreading, even faster. Still spreading. Never going away. Ever.

Now with terrorist involved to, with lots of people who hate the government, with "just cause" to. What a disaster. There is no justice still. What a disaster. Spreading all over the world, in first world nations to. What a disaster. I have no real hope in some ways, for the future, of human civilization. Other than, it will be a even bigger disaster. Making more and more poor, all the time, on purpose. Everywhere. Just "Hating" your government, is a disaster. Hating.

Watching the slow collapse of civilization, in some ways. Even faster, than the Roman empire. That took, more than a 1000 years, to happen.

I talked online, about these issues, years ago. Using street gangs. They still did it. To be perfectly clear. This is still going to happen, in many places. Still. Regardless. For career security. Easy Careers. Lots of people. Other than poor people. Have "just cause". What a disaster. Politicians taught terrorist, and others, to blame us, for all the problems, in the world. What a disaster.

Where I live now. 1000s of people, should be publicly executed. Out of a population at one time, of 12 to 15 thousand people. That would be some justice for me. It would be actual justice, if people knew the truth. Just some. What they got instead, was easy careers, and east raises, and easy promotions, and easy pensions, and me brutalized, and I still am. There is not even one grain of sand, in the desert, that is justice anymore. That is how bad it is. That is how bad it is, in other places in NA already. That is how bad it is going to be, in some places still. No justice at all. Not a single grain of sand, in the desert, called justice. Neither will some religious government, be justice either. It will be even worst then.

In Canadian law. At least at one time. If three or more people got together committing crimes. It is considered a criminal conspiracy. So if 100 people, were to commit a crime against me. All 100 are guilty, of all those crimes. So if one more person joins in, all 101 have committed 101 crimes each. Statue of limitations, have been reset for me also. Kind of like, if you, are a get away driver, for a bank robbery. If the bank robbers, kill someone (like you are, also a bank robber). You are a murderer to.

Anyway. All it takes is time. They make what they do, part of there jobs, and careers. Turning wherever they are, into ghettos basically. Always with some excuse(s). The same excuse(s). For the disasters they create. They create always. Always. Think of it this way. All levels of local government, have turned against, its own citizens. But pretends to not have, turned, against its own citizens. Like foreign, occupation forces. Red coats basically. Call them the police, instead of a military organization. Just like Canada was occupied by British forces, but pretends it wasn't.


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Albuquerque school shooting victim went to aid boy being bullied, police say. August 14 2021. Link at bottom of this post.

Not much being said really, about what went on. That is a general indicator, that a cover up, is taking place. The worst it is, the longer the press will wait, before informing, the general public, about the details. Years ever. When it was bad, in Canada, the government has a public inquiry. When it's real bad, the government has a royal inquiry. That takes even longer to do. Now they have nothing.

The bullying, is so bad here, so out of control, that murder has taken place. To me, the bullying, is so bad, so out of control, that the murderer, was so use, to getting away with bullying, that he got enraged, by someone, trying to stop, this gangster in training. That the gangster, killed the person, trying to help the bullying victim. The gangster starting raging, and had a gun.

I bet the bully victim, is a white male, or almost white male, close enough for some, depending. The bully victim, that the press, does not want to talk about, or talk to, or show. A cover up, is being done, by the local and national press, right here, right now.

Bullying is, so out of control here, that someone is murdered. If that was your family member murdered, you would think, that bullying, is out of control here and well murder level violence is taking place, because, it is. You can see all kinds of, standard damage control PR, taking place here. Don't forget to cry. But only cry. Move along now. It's so sad. That's it, though.

Don't forget, all police departments around there, live there, the staff. They are all friends, and family, and relatives of people, working in the criminal justice system there. Has anyone, asked all the police there, if they were aware, that bullying was taking place, at this school? What they did about it? Do they think it was effect or not? If laws are in the way, how come, they are not contacting law makers, and complaining? To you know, save just one child's life. Like maybe this ones. Too late now to save, this ones life. What about at other schools, around there. Is there bullying? How do they know or not know? Someone, should ask law enforcement there. There good friends, the press, will not. Well the press is family and relatives to. How nice for them. How nice for bullies. How nice for gangs.

The local school administration here, I bet, if the bully victim here, tried to get some help here, from the school administrator, as they are suppose to stop such things when they know about it, well did things like this. You are too sensitive. You need to try to fit in more. You need to try harder. Why don't they like you? All it is the victims fault, or nothing effective, was done, to stop this tragedy, from taking place. This was completely preventable. Probably many times.

The school administration, only wants to talk about, the actual event, and not, all that led up to it (gross maybe criminal misconduct, neglect). They don't want people there, thinking about, the multiple times, that something effective, could have been done, like calling the police, to prevent this tragedy, from ever taking place. Any person, and more than, one person, could have been killed.

The school administration, by there actions and inaction. Deliberately put, all there students lives in danger, buy letting this bullying take place or any bullying. What if the bullying victim, had come to school with a gun instead, and killed multiple people. Would it just be his fault? Yet again? What about, when it does happen again somewhere? Don't they know, that sometimes, murder and mass murder takes place, because of bullying? Did they forget? I think they just don't care. But they care now. Well pretend to.

Yet again, the same old things, are said. The same excuses, will be given and are. We need more funding, more, and more, and more. This will still happen, more, and more, and more, and the same excuses, will be given again, and again, and again. Because one group (government department) got away, with using a excuse, then a few more, (same government departments) started using the same excuses. Now they all use, the same excuses. In this thing, and other things.

Ultimately it is the elected school official's that are responsible. Children's safety not just here, but at many schools, is obviously, not a priority. Just PR wise it is. There needs to be some nation standard at least that they must follow to ensure children's safety against violence. There needs to be criminal charges if they do not meet these standard. There needs to be further criminal charges when children under there care get hurt. Parents can get arrested and do for child abuse for example from a scraped knee. Why are they above the law?

The principal, every single month, needs to stand if front of these people, in public open meetings, and explain problems, and what were done to address them. Also if he or she thinks, they will be effective, and why, or why not? Outside for lunch, or breaks, no longer some excuse, like was used here. At or around school grounds type stuff. Like if bullying is taking place. Other acts of violence. Etc. So kids and parents understand. That the children's safety is a high priority. This is not brain surgery here. This is basic stuff. Let this persons death, and all others, have meant something positive. Let it be the very last. Lets have lots less violence in the school. Well "I have a dream" too. Same with many parents to, I guess. Sam with bully victims to. It means something. You are not worthless.

These elected school officials themselves personally, need to make sure, the national standards, by themselves personally, need to be implemented and are, and checked regularly (monthly at least, or more, if a problem) and routinely, and explain themselves, to the general public, why they are, or why not implemented, and what's going to be done, to fix it up quickly.

The elected board members, get the blame personally, and face criminal charges, personally. (Interfering with children's safety, mental state of well being, and actual life and liberty). May need national training. No one else can be used as a excuse. They are personally accountable and responsible. They better check, each others work. You know to save just ones child's life. Just not this ones. They also need to stand in front of the press and explain what happened and didn't happen within a day or two. Was national standards meet? Where's the proof? Etc. Personal accountability, and not just a PR brush off, and hope, they don't get sued too badly. Ruining there precious, so called careers. You know by being stuck there. If that even happens these days.


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So homeless man arrested at fast food place. Same with person who bought him food. If you have them around. All nice acting at first. You start to have drug dealing and other crimes take place on premises and around the property. Fake Grandpa. Kicked out before. Acting all nice right now. The filmer is in the face of people including the police officer. Drug addicts, junkies, gang members act like that.

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Two people is a gang. She also wants the victim to be "reasonable" and take his money. When they commit a crime you are not being "reasonable" when they get caught. They make you angry, try to provoke you and this one time out of hundreds you even push them back. They call the police on you. Find out more than one of them is around. Talking about how "dangerous" you are. It's your fault. The police, don't want to here anything about, what they have been doing before, to provoke, and threaten you. Etc. Anyway she is with him as far as I am concerned trying to cover for him. He has money. Just in case, and it does, let him get away, without the police being called. Professional criminal. Maybe not making much money. But a professional criminal.


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Venice crazy girl at homeless encampments cleanup near Gold's Gym. Full video.
Based upon my own personal experience with the R.C.M.P. Before I became homeless, and after I became homeless, at first. Until you learn not to call them. They are absolutely brutal to you, if you get them involved in anything, (help protection from street gang) and the general public, is not there. Well even after you learn not to depend on the R.C.M.P. for help. The R.C.M.P. is still brutal.

Makes sense to me about a flower pot getting treated better. Now after shes crazy on drugs or because of the drugs she did. now services will be offered to her maybe. Now much less effective. Those services offered. More career security.

If something costs a nickle, and you have no money. It my as well be a million dollars. Or if it costs 6 or 7 dollars.

You can't see me she says, etc. Makes sense to me. If you seem me and never knew who I was. You would not see me either.

Doing some drug. Unless she is like this all the time. She sounds kind of like Donald Trump right? During his campaign, as he got more and more done, to him by others. (verbal attacks, like jokes, and threats of being sent to, the psych ward and such). Make you sound crazy, as people dog pile on, attacking you. Like was done to the former president of the US. So much gets done to you when, you are abused, that you have a hard time, even verbalizing, what was done to you, by so many. If you even understand. Sound like crazy gibberish unless you understand.

The press, talk shows, etc, understood, what they were doing to Donald Trump, because I told them. To try to get people from doing the same thing to me and others as it was spreading. Even before I knew, what was going on myself. I told 1000s, through there e-mails addresses, all kinds of things.

If she got off drugs, and was allowed, to vent, and vent, and vent, and have it explained to her, what was done to her. She might get better. Depends on lots of things. She's slowly figuring things out, done to her. She has like 20 different thoughts, all going on at the same times, that all want to be verbalized, at the same time. Just ask Donald Trump. Rage, heartache, despair, hopelessness, terror, injustice. All at the same time.


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How to spot a credit card skimmer. smart. Came in with 3 members so extreme intimidation, of lone staff member or of 2 or 3 staff members. Never parked close by, so no license plate off vehicle. Hoods up of other 2 members.

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I think people will find this shocking. Exploring Canada's Worst Street, East Hastings. Vancouver B.C. Vancouver, has been voted, the best place to live in NA, multiple times.

A person from Yellowknife, is in this video. A example of how this is spreading. Filmer, walked down a street once. Less than six minutes long. Watch video first, and then read this, and check yourself, if you need to. By the way. You are crazy now to.

Practised experts now. A Yellowknife street person showed up. Could have been a Yellowknife government worker. Or a kid. Welcome to my life.

To be perfectly clear. Once street gangs of people decide to come after you. This is what they are like, and much worst. All the time daily. 1000s of people will eventually join in, coming after you. Even in a small place. Especially when businesses and government employees get involved. It become government policy.

Loose your job, and get tossed to the wolves. This is what awaits people, in places like this. As people get thrown in, one by one, for whatever reason. Well for peoples easy careers ans such. The horror. Especially when your employer wants you destroyed, because of severe, human rights abuses. They deliberately get people like this involved in harassing you. Including government workers.

Watch a gang in action. Cell phones messages from the gang members, get ahead of video filmer. Time are distance into video.

0:16 Gang member on bike patrolling edges.

0:22 Someone scream swear words.

0:22 Women dressed nice looks at video filmer. A few seconds later a man walks by and moans "ah..." as he does so.

0:33 Someone screams "there, there."

0:43 Crazy acting man starts heading towards video filmer. Person behind him just standing on corner looking toward the video filmer.

0:56 Cops or someone bark there horn while close to video filmer. The homeless man displays himself, by talking to the video filmer then laughs. Gang member.

1:04 Women standing closer to wall behind women with pinkish pants is staring at video filmer. The woman in pinkish pant moved to make sure video filmer notices them. Lots of movement by them, when video filmer gets closer to them. Like punching motions by women in pink flower pants.

1:13 Women with coffee stops and parks herself by door right in front of video filmer.

1:20 Old woman will not get out of the way. Bitter face.

1:41 People starting to get in the way if they were a little closer.

1:57 Guy walks buy wearing a hoodie swinging his hands. Acting passive aggressive. Making sure he is noticed. Displaying.

2:03 into video. Man on bike comes by, moving fast, and swerves, out of the way, just after a woman just passed by. Acting aggressive. Displaying.

2:09 Some grown men talking loudly. Making sure they are noticed. then guy in all red looks at video filmer. He says some comments more silently.

2:16 Three grown men standing by wall. One is smoking and pointing his hand at video filmer. Staring at video filmer. One says "that cherry no one". A swear word. "loves you want me to do you". Says fast.

2:22 Someone bangs loudly on something behind video filmer.

2:31 Another person who does not want to get out of the way. With another person, making hand movements, and facing behind and to the side (Stabbing fear) of video filmer when filmer walks by. Acts like he is throwing something in front of video filmer. (You are trash).

2:40 Two gown men standing close to a pub entrance talking to each other. One is talking loudly to be noticed. The one facing away looks back when the video filmer gets closer. The other guy makes a moaning noise after video filmer walks by.

2:47 Women in front getting in the way of video filmer. Can hear someone swear. She is dressed in black and has a black and green bag.

3:01 Someone says "stop fabing" and a swear word. Instead of "stop filming" swearword. Know they are being recorded. Then someone says "oom" instead of "boom". Attack fear. Then the save person says "right between your legs". Sexual intimidation.

3:11 Old woman says loudly "ok" and a man says a swear word and "you".

3:13 Someone says "up there" Sexual innuendo.

3:15 Three men standing in front of alleyway. One Says "RCMP awkward virgin." Making sure with RCMP key word, that video filmer pays attention, and then, sexual intimidation again. Then he says "I might ever go there." Then more sexual imitation comments get said while someone else is talking loudly to try to cover up sound recording.

3:28 "when are you going to" swear word "a dead man" Death threat.

3:32 A man moans "oh" and then acts like he is recording the video filmer. Then some women starts swearing from behind. Intimidation. Some angry swear words and a threat of sexual assault.

3:40 Man sitting down with blue cap by wall staring at video filmer. Then man standing with white hair looks at video filmer. He says "we skip we jack her come on". More threats of violence. A bunch of people get in the way. Including stopping on the street. Women with black and a green bag gets in the way again.

4:06 Man says "hey young ladies". Looks like a guy that's been here in Yellowknife NT Canada. Sounds like him to. Looks like another man from Yellowknife standing next to him with checkered jacket. Just got to display himself with his smile.

4:11 into video. someone walk extremely fast right in front of video filmer. A guy on a bike gets in video filmers way. Rides up and gets off his bike, and gets in the way of filming. People start getting in the way a few seconds later. So guy from Yellowknife having fun, dominating someone.

4:15 Man by road on sidewalk deliberately turns towards person filming while walking. Intimidation. Filmer boxed in on both side right then. someone says "gay" a swear word and "him".

4:22 A couple walks by, holding hands and getting in the filmers way.

4:29 As filmer walks by some men, standing by wall, one says "I like to get nice to him by force". Then a swear word. A threat of forced prostitution. After he trains you.

4:32 Some man says loudly "get. Then a woman gets in video filmers way, and moans at him.

4:38 Some man says loudly "throw this on youtube you crazy?" Threat.

4: 42 Being looked at by guy leaning at wall. Maybe nothing other than being noticed still. Man in blue jacket walks by and notices video filmer too.

4:45 Man with blue jacket gives video filmer quick nervous look. Trying to intimidate filmer.

4:48 The man on bike spits in the wind in front of video filmer to get spit on him.

5:00 Man says "go home last night". Another death threat.

5:02 Man says "I will camp in his office". Then "I will show how brutal I am".

5:07 Same man again. "We're way ahead of him". Then "He's a good" swear word. Then a person walks by fast if front and close to video filmer.

5:12 Man walks by carrying a bag, and moans at video filmer to. Right after that being stared at by women sitting down against wall. Right after filmer walks by moaning again.

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Mornings in Venice Beach: Tony Vera attacked! Break-ins, trespassing & homeless sweeps. Video link, at bottom of this post. Video shot (posted) September 1 2021.

Man attacked. Not much is really happening. Or so it looks like. Unless you understand.

If the assault victim had been attacked, with that guy, using a knife, or some other weapons. He would have been in big trouble fast.

This is what gangs always do. When they start, to take over. Get more and more, intimidating, and violent. They get worst, and worst, as time goes by. It will become, more and more, obvious, that it's turning into another ghetto, as people give in, to them.

Pepper stray expires to, and also looses potency. People on drugs, are not nearly affected, as they should be, by sprays, and tasers, and such. Even by gun shot wounds. So you might have to get extremely violent to stop, even one of them, coming after you. The judge will not understand. Nor will law enforcement understand. Good chance, you will be charged with, using excessive force, basically.

The victim of assault, can't really do anything to him. Be out free soon enough. If he goes inside (does time), he is one, with the local gangs, in the corrections facilities.

He's not feeling any pain and or, he wants more drugs. Has happened to me, many times, around here. Drug dealers, get drug addicts, junkies, street thugs, to come after you. In various ways.

Being alone, is extremely dangerous, around the gangs. Even small groups, if they have larger groups, is dangerous. All the gang(s) got to do, is keep attacking, with various drug addicts, and junkies, and such.

Seeing people fight, and having one or more fighting you, is extreme intimidation, to those who see, and experience it (locals). More intimidation by gang members. They do nothing, when the police are there. So they are in complete control, of there violent actions. Know exactly, what they are doing. Not that drunk, and or stoned.

So 2 fights. So he's just out of control. How nice for him. Criminal charge wise.

Eventually people may, want to look into windows, of stores, and such, before entering, to make sure, a robbery is not taking place, at gun, or knife point. People can move fast, and then, it's all over, except for the dying. Might be lookouts to, outside.

You get to do almost nothing to them, without worrying about, getting a criminal record. They get to attack you, and it's no big deal.

Start being on, what preppers call, yellow alert, at least. Never have your guard completely down. Never go to these place's, unless you have a reason to. You are at, a much greater risk, of experiencing, personal violence, when there. Certain times, of the day, or night, are even more dangerous. For example. Some will be looking, to roll drunk people, around the bars. Don't go to stupid places, with stupid people, and do stupid things. That will have the consequences, of the gangs wanting to then, and actually, expanding outwards.

You have to worry about the street gangs, enraging someone, and then getting that enraged person, to come after you, when drunk and or stoned, on something to. Unpredictable dangerous then.

Dangerous not to let your kids, stay at your place, with there boyfriend or girlfriend, when these types are around. You will wish, with all your heart, that you could, turn back time, and do things differently, with your loved one(s).

Just like the US government use to say, all the time, on national TV, all the time. Drugs and terrorism, go hand in hand.

Other gang members, do criminal activities, for the gang drug dealers. And almost, criminal activities, for the gang drug dealers. Not allowed to do things, to law enforcement's children, and there friends, but OK to do to yours. OK, to do to you to

The hardened criminal sex offenders, will come after the children. They want young people involved in the gangs. Want young victims, to victimize to. So young people to do stuff, for the gangs, and young people, for the gangs, to do traditional victimization with. These full-time rats.

Many of these people, are law enforcement, full-time rats. So then, they do things to people on purpose, to get them into trouble, with the law. Then they get criminal records, and some end up here eventually (On the street, enough). In lockups to. watch shows like "60 days in" and see what that is like. Someone setup on purpose. Then thrown to the wolves. When you get out you are still stuck around the same people (locally), the same gangs.

Might as well, have steel bars installed, in all the businesses right away. Then on homes close by to. Then they will wait outside, for people.

Lots of gang members, are convicted sex offenders. Prostitutes are convicted sex offenders to. Other gang member, do things for, the convicted sex offenders.

They become violence bipolar. Angry at the drop of a coin basically. Happy, mad. Sad, happy. Because of what the drugs, do to there brains, they need extreme stimulation.

Most johns are drug addicts or junkies to.

If you don't hurt them, and if they keep coming after you. They only have to win once, in a fight with you.

Woman giving excuses, as to why, it was OK, to be assaulted. Sounds like some street outreach worker. Implying anyway.

A wanna be gangster, is just pretending, they are not a drug addicts, or junkies.

Extreme stimulation is (the normal) for psychopaths, on hard drugs. Other ways to. (Extreme stimulation). Like for sex offenders.

Violent sex offenders, and other violent people, involved in drugs, are use to having other extreme stimulation's. With or without drugs involved. Drug generally makes them worst. I would guess.

So one in front after him and another coming at him from behind. He's lucky, other people where there to see. He might of ended up dead otherwise. No death threats were made. Doesn't mean they were not planning to cause "severe or great bodily harm" to him. Lesser charge. Experienced criminals. One was the enabler (primary) in front trying to distract him. another behind coming after him to. (Doer) enablers and doer. The women is another enabler. Giving excuses why it was OK to assault him. Same with women in beginning of attack. They decide something makes a crime OK and they do it. Like crimes of opportunity. Which is called random acts of violence, and is also random acts of criminal activities. Like B&E, home invasions. Are we learning yet?

Trying to teach him (victim and others watching), "we are in charge". Usually it's some convicted sex offender, or a real serious sex offender, that is in charge, of gang, or sub-gang group, really. Serial sex offender, type person. Assuming he was caught, for all his serious, criminal activities. Woman can be just as bad, in these situations. Woman running interference, at beginning of fight, on behalf of another.

Angry makes it OK, to them, to assault someone. To psychopaths, who have tried hard drugs. Nothing more fun, and unboring, to a psychopath, once they try hard drugs. Violent emotions, and violent activities, are stimulating to them to.

Lots of poor people, don't have any type of phone. Most just give in to the gangs.

Violent mentally disturbed people do not get controlled. They get unleashed. Why not have only one cop show up if they can be controlled. Like by even law enforcement. Lets see. Show us. Well 2.

Where's the woman, who can explain, the "just cause" the criminal person had, to attack victim? To the police. Explain to the police?

People involved with these street people are going to be in your schools to. That means teachers to, wanting your kids, thrown to the wolves locally, so her husband has easier career security. Or whatever.

Many street outreach people are "former" gang members and "former" drug addicts and junkies. Some are still drug dealers of course. Some like dominating people. All still developed severe mental disorder(s) where they consider life cheap. In many cases, there own families, still want nothing to do with them. Some see themselves as jihadies, doing jihad. Holy war was declared, and anything goes. War without end. Another 1000 year holy war, in the making. All about making a bigger market, for there "holy land heroin" of course, in real life. That's where, the holy land heroin, comes from.

1:56 into video. Gives the filmer, the finger, but pretends not to. 2:14 someone moaning at video filmer. A few seconds later moaning "get out of here". Police ignore that person completely. This has only just started. It will get worst, as time goes by. 3:50 again same person moans "get out of here" fast. The same thing a few seconds later. Sounds like it's the other hand cuffed male, with his head down, moaning. But they pretend, to be each other (mimic each others voices) as they do things, like that, to people. Then say without lying. "It was not me. I was not even around here. He must be crazy". Etc. 2 street thugs.

8:44 "go to hell" Etc. Another street person, does a walk by, of assault victim.

9:32 Now street thug is decrepit. Acting like he is old and decrepit. They do that, all the time to as needed. Etc.

Street thugs are like floaters at work. They do things (crimes and almost crimes) for pimps, and prostitutes to.

It's complicated. Dangerous for us, and ours to. Just like government departments, want it for us. Easy career security. Then they just move away, and start over, when things get to bad for them, personally. Some anyway.

Prostitutes, street outreach workers, gang members, pimps, street thugs, jihadies. All the same to me, in some ways. As just psychopaths, and bipolar to, most. With there fake "just cause" to harm others.

12:15 into video. What does all the tats mean, this person, has on his back?

Somehow, it's all the victims fault. They always blame the victim. "It's your fault". Psychopaths.

Why do they keep on doing these this? Because they are a bunch of bipolar psychopaths, involved in this, and that "just cause". Sept 4 2021. Got staff, today outside in hallway. Harassing me. Because they are nuts. Oh how they are raging. But pretending, as usual, not to be. Stimulating to there various, mental disorders.

Prostitutes are key to criminal gang drug activities. They find out whom the real johns are, that are safe, to sell drugs to, and do other serious crimes with. Some homeless have S.T.D.s like H.I.V. and A.I.D.s and other communicable diseases. Expect to have S.T.D. outbreaks in local schools. Wanna be gangsters and such, get involved with them. They do stuff to people. Like at parties and such to.

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Not going to listen to the whole video right now. Most is not easy to hear. Don't want to be recorded. Never really listened to first few minutes of video. Watched some other recent videos from this person. Seems this person, is editing the audio on some video. In a certain way. Sometimes maybe. So, not sure what that means. Strange later into this video. When police picking up paintings and such. (Santa Monica Close Up) channel.

4:28 "Just tell us. Get the hell out of here." So it's us telling filmer to leave.

4:31 Man moans "oh" quickly. Someone laughs. A few seconds later as those people try to drown out another person talking who says "mother fucker" angrily. More quietly.

4:39 Man says "fuck you".

7:43 Says "Jihadie".

7:45 Says "Jihad".

7:52 Man moans "ah... look this way. Yeap you want me to back down right?" All happening beside him, out of view of camera.

8:10 Man says "unreal him" another man starts laughing. "Unreal him" shooting game engine. Or a implied threat, of murder. Sounds like, some prerecorded audio, that has been altered, to sound like some special effect, sort of.

8:30 loud plane flies by. Women in video says "jihad" or "john" then "that's you". Sounds more like "jihad". They do that sort of thing to people. Not quit speak clearly. Nonsense words, nonsense sentences. Etc. She is doing all kinds of hand movements to be noticed. Might want to look into person flying plane overhead. It is like that. Unless it happens on a regular basis. May have, just watched, for the plane then. Otherwise, pilot is most likely involved, up to there eyeballs, with drug activities. One pilot around here, is like that, who says, he is a pilot. Just can't help, but do things himself, when I was around him. Sometimes. Just "got to". Then again, someone involved, in drugs, just might have heard pilot, talk about passing this way earlier. Or they just took advantage, of the situation, on the spot. Bush planes have to be right over your head, to be so loud.

8:35 Same women looks at filmer. Still making hand movements. She says ""right there we got him". Then some people on a bike try to make filmer unsettled, by trying to pass by, when a adult, should not do such a thing. Poor time to.

8:39 A man says "good job good job" as bike is just passing by or "pun job pun job". Then it sounds like another man close by says "what this". Then a woman I think says "stand clear". Then a man says "die" emphasized and then "no problem no problem, that's you bubble-head". So "die! no problem no problem, that's you bubble-head". It's a parade.

8:48 Woman says "Darlene"

9:00 Man says fast "you fat fuck". Then some racist music starts playing and "last chance" is in the lyrics.

9:24 Homeless man on bike with yellow blanket tied up in front. Someone balls to him, I think, maybe. Saying "38" or "10 k". Not sure.

9:28 Some man says "we got ourselves into this, fat fuck".

9:36 Someone says "poor boy" Then another man says "he's fat". Then a man says "get the fuck out of here".

9:43 I think a women says "he's dead he's dead".

9:45 Woman say "hawn" Then a man says "OK fuck you".

9:48 One man says "ok..." or "***" fairly loudly. Then another man says right away "get the hell home" fast. Then "get the fucking hot" or "get the fucking cop".

9:54 Man with camera right next to police takes a picture of filmer. Then cop standing in front of him to block him talking pictures and or to talk to him.

9:58 Man says "fuck him". Woman says "do you want to suck a cock". Then a man or two says "right here, yea he's bad". Then a man says "I can get another one for you here sir". Then a man says "real bad mouth" and I think "Ain't you".

10:07 Man says "great". Woman at same time says "you want to go suck cock?".

Enough for tonight. More later, I guess. About 1/2 way through. It has only just started. What's going to happen around there.


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So covid lockdown lifting. Gangs want to expand there territory. Another gang border clash. Gangs at places, where people are, and with money to burn, and want some recreational drug use. (Partying). Dangerous right now, even if you do not do drugs, being in places like this. Even local bars and such, right now. Gangs hard up for cash right now to. Dangerious in lots of places potentially. Either you are a gang member, a victim, or a potential victim. That is it. They want you to produce for them, some how.

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Welcome to America, where either the loons run the asylum OR the cops are so brutal they can arrest you for breathing wrong.
I felt sorry for that homeless guy IF he was being truthful.

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If (officials) get there way. Then you will see even more children, and such, get into hard drugs, and at a very young age. Drugs around everywhere. More date rape drugs, etc. More drug addict issues like more drug addicts and more junkies around everywhere. More hard drugs in the schools. More crimes for drugs. More prostitutes for drugs. More johns for drugs. Etc.

Don't morn for them. They have gone to paradise with drugs in hand. Fighting the good fight as jihadies. Justification in there own minds, for all the evil they do. They are holy warriors, who died fighting, the good fight. Now they have gone to paradise for real. Rejoice for them.

Quote "Decriminalization of so-called hard drugs is an official policy of the Liberal Party, endorsed back in 2018 at its convention in Halifax." All talk on TV, by liberals, was about the decriminalization of weed.

Might want to try putting hardened criminals, into prisons first, and keeping them there.

The most important issue is prevention. Again no talk of prevention. Prevention is best. The exact opposite of prevention. They are lost causes basically. Murders, destroyers of lives and families. Mostly convicted sex offenders or should be. When they get into the local homeless street gangs, that's all they are. Monsters.

Drug addicts and junkies are not victims. Part of prevention, needs to be making sure, even kids understand, you are dealing with monsters, when they want you, to do hard drugs. Even worst that someone, who drinks and drives.

People need to understand drug dealers are monsters. Kids need to understand. They need to not be around regular people. Why are people convicted of drug posission even let alone selling drugs allowed to be around minors? Hello rape, murder, prostitution, coming after kids on purpose still.

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Two men in serious condition after West Kelowna targeted shooting

More gang violence. By having to put armed police at hospital. Probably with assault rifles. Well good job keeping the gangs under control. That is sarcasm. Always 99% the way there. To a shootout.
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