Let it snow let it snow!

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by SuspectZero, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. SuspectZero

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    16 inches was our snow total in our area from the recent blizzard. For at least a week any channel that spit out a weather report warned us what we were in store for. In my head i thought great i get to try some new toys in case we loose power or are stuck in for an extended amount of time. The plows were pulled off the roads due to drifting and no progress was being made. Great i get to play with gear!
    After day 2 of the storm i began digging out and letting kids play on a mountain i made. I then saw a neighbor of mine trenching his way through to us. He asked if i had any toilet paper since they ran out. Odd thing to ask for but i grabbed him some. After giving it to him he then asked if we had some coffee. Reluctantly i brought him some. He then said gee its a good thing someone was ready for this mess. The next day (still no plow through our roads yet) he came over again and asked for more coffee and if he cld borrow a snow shovel... I told him we ran out that morning and lent him a shovel.
    A week we knew of this and still people act like it came from nowhere. It makes me wonder in a shtf scenario could i be as hospitable to people ive known for years and possibly make myself a target. :soapboxrant:
    Anyone have a simliar experience during this blizzard?
  2. Salekdarling

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    Naaa. My neighbors are their own sort of preppers. They got kegs of beer, snow plows and snow mobiles and that's all they need to keep themselves happy.:beercheer:

    Joking (even though I'm serious) aside, my neighbors are preppers. They keep to themselves...except when Joni goes on a drunken cooking fit and sends all her food to me. Which I don't mind, of course, because it's delicious. They never ask us for anything but still help out when they can. I try to return the favor as much as possible. Wonderful neighbors I tell ya!

    The neighbors help us out with plowing our driveway and we give them beer. If we don't have beer, they still plow our driveway because it's their favorite thing to do! Lol!

    There are only 4 other houses besides mine in my neck of the woods. We have a great time during blizzards! :D

  3. SuspectZero

    SuspectZero Well-Known Member

    Im jealous. My neighbors were all retired when i first moved to this part of town. They wld show me things about being a homeowner for the first time and what to do. In the past few years the occupants have gotten younger and lazier. Im 29 and shake my head at some of these people. Most are in their 40s or so and it kills me to see them not taking pride in their home. Had a guy ask if i knew anything about mowers. I went over put the spark plug back in and walked away. The guy has to be 45 and cldnt notice it?
  4. IrritatedWithUS

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    Would you believe I haven't gotten ANY SNOW in 2010 or this year? And I live in the Pacific Northwest...
  5. BadgeBunny

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    Oh yeah ... I don't know what it is about people but within a few hours of the blizzard we had last week a fella on another board I frequent was posting he was out of toilet paper and Dr. Pepper. :confused: OK ... the weather folks had been telling us for a WEEK what was coming and he ran out of TP??!?!? :scratch:scratch

    Tonight on the news they were telling people to get at least 2 to 3 days worth of milk and cereal at the store because we were looking at another 6-12 inches tomorrow afternoon. Are people really that stupid that they have to be told on the 6 o'clock news to get supplies and how to dress in cold weather and drive?? My heavens ... I really don't remember folks being this clueless when I was a kid. :confused:

    I went to the store to stock up on something they had a killer sale on ... not to get milk and cereal for tomorrow and Thursday. **sigh**
  6. carolexan

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    We are under a severe weather alert since yesterday afternoon. When I got out to go get my animals extra food, the stores were bursting at the seams. It never ceases to amaze me when I see the chip and soda laden carts. The drive home through town was like road rage city. We got on the back streets, country roads and headed home....it was a beautiful ride!
  7. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    Amen! We do the same thing. :)
  8. Clarice

    Clarice Well-Known Member

    We are due for snow tomorrow. Jokingly I ask several people at work if they were ready for the snow and all replied I will be when I get off from work and go to the grocery store. Sad but true. We don't get a lot of snow down here, but this year has been the exception. Just last Friday we had a bit of ice. One other person besides myself showed up for work at the courthouse. A little snow and ice turns this area upside down. But they are not alone. I lived on the MS gulf coast for years. We were warned of approching hurricanes weeks in advance. As the rain started, it was like a mad house in the stores and on the roads.
  9. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    Now I tell people we'll be ready just as soon as we bring a little extra firewood in from the shed. :2thumb:

    And I know what you mean about the Gulf Coast. I used to live in New Orleans, and everyone treated hurricane warnings as a reason to have a hurricane party. Sadly, Katrina's aftermath didn't surprise me at all.
  10. GroovyMike

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    Glad the snow is off the roof at my folks. It all came off at once, filling the raod to the barn with a 3 foot high six foot wide DUMP of hard packed snow. The trouble was that my dad (with his oxygen tank) was AT the barn with his truck. Snow too hard packed and too heavy to plow even with the truck so last night my son (13) and I shovelled all of it........................

    A local farm had a barn roof come in and kill 50 cows. Another in VT killed 12 calves. have not heard of any house roofs being lost but 2 feet of snow and then rain soaking into it is bad. i've spent the wekened clearing roofs. Its good to be back to work to rest up!
  11. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Typical scene all over here in New England:


    ...and more snow coming!

    I just shovelled and estimated 8 tons of snow off my barn roof this morning - took 5 hours- whatta workout! WHEW! All the timbers were sagging pretty badly, and I was afraid to leave the tractors inside.

    The snow in the fields is about 3 feet deep, I tried getting some hay out to the edge of the woods where the poor deer could get at it, but the tractor bogged down.

    I'm sooooo sick of it... wanna go to Florida for a couple of weeks, but they say the beaches are covered with stinging jellyfish! instead of sexy bikinis!!

    SCREECH! no where to run!
  12. HarleyRider

    HarleyRider Comic Relief Member

    My condolences to you all. I just opened a new bottle of suntan lotion at the beach today. :D