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Video. Inside India's covid-19 hell.

Burning bodies in parking lots.

Critical supply shortages. Asking people to bring in there own supplies for hospitals to use.

At first it was the elderly. Now more youngsters.

Hospitals have shortages of everything.

Have to manage people, in emergency care area, like for ward and ICU (implied triage by a surgeon in emergency care area) Actually says, we studied for more than 10 years, and they can not help anyone. Percentage wise I guess.

I am in no way, a medical professional.

Man had medication for brother in video. Knowing, how to give a injection, as not given, in this video, might save your life, or someones life, you care about. Want syringes too, with needles. Cash, gold, for a medic type person, to give injection, or injections, as needed. Teach you how to? That person is a expert. You are not.

When people really sick, as I was myself. They had to bring in some old nurse, eventually. As no one else, could find a vein to use. Veins would collapse, medical staff told me, trying to give me a I.V. Not a joke, not at all easy, to give a inject, when someone is sick, and really weak, having a hard time breathing covid-19 patients, easily collapsing veins, etc.

I think, then I was told, by medical professionals, that I had low blood pressure, at that time, when had a really hard time, giving me a I.V. Think of your veins, like a bike tire, as a analog comparison. If you take the tire off, its rim, and poke a hole in it. The tire will deflate. In you body of course, your heart, tires to keep your blood pressure up. Hard to do then, when weak, or for any reason, you have low blood pressure, I guess. When a tire is really pressurized it would be really easy to stick a needle deep inside.

I could feel my vein moving around. Kind of like a snake. Snaking around. Just like if a tire had low air pressure and you tried to punch a hole through it. It would move around. Makes some sense anyway.

Full body protection from head to toe.

If you nick someones artery, while trying to give then a injection. They might die in minutes. If it's a bad situation, like in India. ICUs and such full. Most likely, you or your loved one will die. (Triaged).

Even doctors, and surgeons, are not suppose to operate, on family. Makes sense. They may literally be, shaking in fear, for there loved one. You will be to emotionally attached, and not a experienced medical professional. Most likely, you will do something seriously wrong, when you expect the needle to go in. Even if you had some training, but no real experience, giving injections. Someone on insulin, may be good to know. They have to inject themselves daily. People like that. In a life or death situation to save someones life. If you are allowed to.

What is your country doing, for oxygen supplies. Are they stock piling, oxygen tanks, and such. It's called being proactive. Instead of reactive. Money well wasted, hopefully, by your government. Is that too much to do?

What else, in preparation for surges. For sick people to. Oxygen seems to save many people. For a time anyway. If hospitals become overloaded, as talked about on the national news lately in Canada. Looks like people can be kept alive, with oxygen alone. For a time anyway. Hopefully the news, and such there, focuses more on that.

Oxygen tanks seems to be, what is being shipped to India. What else, to save lives. Maybe ours in the future. More portable heart beat detectors? What else? Blood pressure monitors. Drugs to increase peoples blood pressure? Can they even do that? Do vaccines help you when you are sick? A bed with a I.V. and oxygen in that case sounds like a I.C.U. to me. Compared to nothing, as seen in many 3rd world type countries, and where things get bad. Including in war movies.

Privacy drapes, to help the spread, in concentrated areas of sick people. Not perfect, but a hole lot better than the, all or nothing, 1st world approach. We need more I.C.U.s ($$$$ and time) and we don't have them.

Some interesting things being shown. Interesting right now but can be scary later. Hard to think, when you are scared, to terrified. Feel like a trapped animal, that can do nothing, to help a loved one then.

Best learn before hand. What you can.

Have to worry about, fake vaccines, and other medications, then to.
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