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  1. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    During the Blizzard of '10...

    People are crazy and UN-prepared. Watching the news, I could not believe the amount of people out walking/driving trying to get to the store. We had plenty of warning that the storms were coming, yet they did nothing in advance. Well, maybe some did, all the soda and potato chips were wiped out in the stores.:nuts:

    At my house, I learned that my preps are lacking in a few places. I need to keep more condiments on hand. We went through a bunch of mayonaisse. Husband and son ate so much tuna and canned chicken!

    If I bake it, they will eat it. I had planned to bake a bunch of stuff in one day so I would have it on hand for the rest of the week. Nope. I made 3 batches of muffins, 2 batches of brownies, 2 batches of granola bars, 2 loaves of bread and a batch of hamburger rolls. It is all gone.:cry: Next time, I will bake as needed to cut down on the eating from boredom.

    I need to buy powdered eggs (since I can not have chickens where I live). Aside from the baking, we went through 3 dozen eggs.:eek: Every time I turned around, someone was making an egg sandwich or scrambled eggs.

    I need to have more books on hand. Thankfully, the power did not go out, so I spent a lot of time on here reading Jerry D Young stories!!! Thank you JDY, you saved my sanity.

    And finally, I am too fat, old and out of shape to shovel snow. One hour of shoveling and I could barely move for 2 days. Time to lose weight and get in shape.:eek:
  2. Nina9mm

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    I can empathize with your situation, mdprepper. Baking on a snow day is a sure way to add to our "protective winter layers" of fat!

    We're pretty well able to endure big snow events where I live, and even a couple of feet of snow won't keep anyone in for longer than a day. Fortunately we live on a farm and I haven't used a shovel in ages as we have a snow blade attachment for a tractor. If I had to shovel though, I would be cranky and irritated about my sad lack of endurance. Long winters make me soft:(

  3. Genevieve

    Genevieve I'm done - gone

    sounds like someone's "boys" need to get hobbies LOL or go out and shovel instead of mom doing it! ;-)
    We're doing good here. We had drifts over 5ft in some places, the winds were so bad here. The walkway was completely drifted shut up to and over the railings. Hubby did the first pass so he could get out to the bobcat and plow truck. I did the second pass. We waited until the afternoon to do all the paths that had to be done.
    I've been doing some canning and the hubby has been taking breaks in between trying to get us out by watching war movies. He loves those things LOL
    I'm here on the net bothering people LOL
    Been listening to the scanner. They're finding cars abandoned in the middle of back roads here. They can barely see them for the drifts! Theres too much ice on some roads and they're saying they can't get off until maybe later today when it's warmer.
    My state needs to get it's act together. We barely get enough money for the salt and cinders and such for a normal winter let alone something like this. They should follow their own advice and stockpile and prepare better. They should live by the motto: "It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!"
  4. UncleJoe

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    We have a Ford Probe somewhere in the driveway. I think it's that drift next to the shed. :rolleyes:

    What happened to the chocolate chip cookies? I hope you didn't have to eat them all while you were snowbound. :)
  5. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    I find the same thing, if I bake it I will eat it... ALL OF IT! For snacking I have nuts (you are what you eat?). Peanuts, pecans, almonds... All in the shell and all are stored raw. The peanuts I roast a pound or two at a time as I need them. All other nuts are eaten raw. They take more time to eat because you have to shell them all so actually eat less of them. They are nutritious and tasty and the shells are great in the garden. Never tried milling any for baking but that might be an interesting project for the next storm. Hrm.. actual pecan pecan cookies or pecan cookies with walnut pieces?

    Peanuts I buy in bulk at roadside stands in the fall. Pecans I first bought looking on Craigslist and now have several folks I call each fall to buy a few sacks. Almonds and walnuts I buy as I can as they are not grown locally. I store them in 20 gallon plastic barrels with a band type sealing top. Any I have the following year get tossed in the yard for critters to munch on and I refill the barrels with this years crop.
  6. Genevieve

    Genevieve I'm done - gone

    oh yea! we are out people! just got back from the bank, post office,sam's club,and grocery store. people are driving like maniacs! omg. they'll run you over in the parking lots! I'm not bsing ya.
    managed to can 8 jars of strawberry jam before we left. num. now, I have to make some more cookies LOL all the grocery store shelves were full where I shop, so I'm guessing that all the trucks are getting thru. which is good because I'm waiting on a shipment from emergency essentials lol. now the UPS truck can get up the lane ;-)

    lol funny thing. our male dog who is a real bruiser, tried to run out into the yard further, and he only got like half way to the fence up front. lol he just stopped, stood there for a second and then turned around like he was tired as crap and just walk on back thru the drifts lol he gave up. poor fella lol

    I also realized this morning that my blackberry bushes have dissapeared under the drifts. hope they're alright. last year was the first year I planted them.
  7. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    Finally made it out today, too. I went shopping at ALDI's to restock my canned goods. I still had somethings left but wanted the extra cushion. I have a pretty much stocked freezer so I did not really need any meats. The store was still well stocked with veggies and stuff, but most of the pre-packaged convienence foods were low.

    I bought enough canned goods for a month and plan on purchasing the same amount in 2 weeks. That should give me enough of a back up to finally place an order with Honeyville Grains. I am so excited to buy LTS/dehyrated foods!!!

    We are expecting another 6"-8" on Monday/Tuesday.
  8. ditzyjan56

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    I got out today but I could have earlier, I just didn't want to be out while the rest of central WV was trying to get their shopping done. had a few Items to get. Its supposed to snow again on Monday here too. Had babysat my grandson while school was closed this week and ran out of snacks he could eat. He has severe nut and pea allergies, so I don't buy in bulk. I have to see the labels. he has almost died twice from the daycare and the school giving him a snack without checking the label. And believe it or not we found out he was allergic to peanuts when the nurse at the pediatrics office gave Quinton a Lance peanut butter cracker. Within 20 mins he was in the ER in acute Respiratory failure. So not so much buying in bulk here.