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Hi Folks,

I have been following the threads here and have learned alot to help me along with my prepping. I am/was a newbie at it and the helpful info has been invaluable. I own a building supply company in MA, and as a way of saying thanks for your help, I thought I would offer the line of LED lights llisted on the NEBO website to you guys at wholesale cost plus whatever the postage is to get it to you. I stock 54 different ones here including 1 tactical firearm light, but I can order anything. Some of the items have a minimum purchase requirement, so if they do, you may have to wait a bit until enough demand on that one item allows me to order it. If you have any questions on them just ask. Here is the link to the website High Lumen Flashlight | Tactical Flashlight | CSI Flashlight | NEBO Tools and this is a list of what I have and the wholesale cost for comparison. My small contribution.

5050 Super CSI $11.50
5049 CSI $6.80
5557 Redline 220 Lumens $16.75
5569 HP190 Tactical $22.50
5086 24 pak AA Batteries $4.00
5052 Folding Knife and Lock Blade w light $2.75

High Lumen Flashlight | Tactical Flashlight | CSI Flashlight | NEBO Tools

Also, I have 25 years experience with all manor of building material and building material resources. If you need any info on builds or products for waterproofing, damproofing, etc. I will be happy to assist with info. Not sure which lines are available in your areas, but I can find out.

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