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I'm continually researching and advancing my preps.

Long ago, I based my gear on 782 or ALICE gear. I went with the H harness, web belt, canteens and butt pack and built up a good system that suited me well, military or survivalism wise. Then I got into MOLLE gear.

Well, if you're following the development of Active Shooter Response (look that up for some neat info) you'll see much changing in thinking tactical situations that might suit us to some extent. While SWAT and first responders are moving toward situations, I as a survialist want to get AWAY from trouble so quick but complete is what matters. In other situations, I might need to bug out or ditch a vehicle so it's grab and go.

This is paralleled by some of what was happening with Corporate Warriors (mercs) and their gear. Like 1st Responders many don't want to don heavy and bulky MOLLE gear for magazines and trauma kit when it can be in a bag slung over the shoulder.

Instead of wearing MOLLE gear which is identifiable as tactical, must be put on and taken off and isn't easily concealed, I've moved to Active Shooter Response bags, some of them the real deal, some of them just gym bags.

There's an advantage to this as well. In Mumbai the brutal terrorists periodically stashed their AK's and gym bags full of magazines, grenades, sat phone, soda and almonds and casually walked out to check and area, note where the police were, totally innoculously and presenting a threat. If they wore those magazine vests or MOLLE gear it'd be on and off. In seconds, some simply ditched weapons and blended into the crowd, with or without the bags. This wouldn't be as easy with a fighting harness.

As a survivalist, imagine fighting your way through some horrific area and getting to a safe zone. It might be a matter of seconds where you need to stash your rifle and gear and emerge appearing like any other person needing help because the threat is absent there. You can establish contact and then retrieve your items once you've gauged mood and established liason.

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"every situation is different" so...

for the middle-of-nowhere long treks I would like to have weight distribution, but 'behind enemy lines' doing recon the bags definitely seem the way to go... I would be SO nervous that somebody else would find my stuff tho :eek: :sssh:
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