Leaky Can?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Aemilia, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Aemilia

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    I'm moving my food storage to a closet, and I wrote the expiration on the outside of the cans. I opened a previously plastic wrapped case of peaches from a case-lot sale, and one can felt empty and had mold all the way down the side. Is it possible the can punctured??? I've never seen anything like this.

    As a side, I'll always be opening and inspecting all cans in cases, as I also had a half-case of extremely (unopenable) dented cans in the middle of one case last year.
  2. Emerald

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    I would think that it is totally possible that it might have been punctured, or it might have been a faulty seal on the lid or along the seam side.
    It is a great idea to check the whole case when buying at case lot sales.( I watch people go thru and pick and choose their cans when a good sale comes thru here)
    I don't eat much from cans any more, just a texture thing for me. I just freeze most of my garden produce or do my own canning. But there are a few things I really like in a can even with the BPA problems, like the Cream of Mushroom soup from Campbell's(I know it is full of sodium and other stuff:eek:)- it makes anything edible, so we keep it on hand and some of the canned chilies like Chipotle in Adobo sauce. so when they go on sale I pick up quite a few..
    one thing about cans tho, I do hate the new trend to put those nasty pull tab tops on everything, makes it hard to get stuff out of the can and I would not trust any cans with dents and pull tabs.

  3. allen_idaho

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    It is very likely that there was a pinhole somewhere in the can. Most likely at the top of the mold line.

    There is nothing wrong with dented cans unless a pinhole occurs. So you will need to monitor these ones closely for tell-tale signs like bulging, bad odors, or mold. I would probably keep them a bit segregated to avoid any contamination of your other foodstuffs.
  4. Bigdog57

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    Hormel recently had a recall for cans that had faulty sealing. It happens.
    Also, the newer 'pop top' cans sometimes don't seal as well or last as long as the 'old-fashioned' cans needing a can opener.
    I also prefer steel cans over aluminum. Stouter and they don't need the inner plastic coating to prevent the food absorbing nastiness from the can itself.
  5. NaeKid

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    I had this very thing happen to me this weekend.

    I am a big (BIG) fan of Jolt-cola, so I purchase by the case-lot. I was bringing my gamma-sealed buckets upstairs to refill and noticed a weird scent, kind of like the inside of a bottle-depot for returns. So, I looked around and noticed that one of the cans of pop leaked. I couldn't find any place on that can where the leak would have come from. The top was still clean and sealed and there was no markings on the sides showing a leak-point and the bottom was in perfect condition.

    I was disappointed because, I had one completely empty can, one can with about a 1/4 left and the rest of the case-lot was perfect. Now my wooden shelf has green-stuff trying to grow on it

  6. lexsurivor

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    put it in a bucket of water to see where the leak is.
  7. Emerald

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    I would use just a bit of bleach water to get rid of the green stuff growing on your shelf.