Last call for cheap silver and gold in the next few months?

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    The Fed is creating trillions of new dollars every month. I think we're going to see significant inflation soon. Probably hyperinflation in the next year or two. Now is a good time to get more precious metals if you can afford to.

    I expect that we won't get any warning when precious metal prices take off. Chances are we'll get up one morning and find out that gold is hundreds of dollars higher and silver is $50 higher. And no coin shops will be selling until the price plateaus at some new level.

    I've bought as much as I want to buy now. I've been listing things on eBay, selling them, and using the money to buy silver.
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    I agree that PM is going to explode, if not soon then in the next year or two.

    The Fed for 10 years has been worried about deflation, not inflation, that's why they have been lowering the rate down to almost zero, to increase the velocity of money. The purpose for this is to stimulate inflation and for 10 years it's failed.

    I do believe we will have inflation and maybe hyper inflation but not yet. I believe we will have deflation for several years before inflation takes off.

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    Okay so where do we buy the silver, I have never bought any before and what type of silver do we buy?