Large Alice Pack $22,00 shipped CJL Enterprize

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    We have a nice supply of Large Alice Packs. We are selling them for $22.00 shipped to your front door anywhere in the U.S. We will ship anywhere on the planet that U.S. Gov says we can.

    You can purchase here on our website: lg Alice Pack. USGI Issue. Pack Only

    You can see our website here: CJL Enterprize

    You can see a video here: [ame=]‪Large Alice Pack, Back Pack‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    You can see us on FACEBOOK here: CJL Enterprize | Facebook

    You can call us here: 816-359-7945

    We take most all credit Cards and you can use paypal. You can send checks or money orders. Whatever works best for you.

    Thank you in advance. We will post more great deals in the near future.

    This forum rocks.

    FYI. This is the the pack only,