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    HI prizm63 here just want to send word of a place opening up that may fit for many here like minded. Im in the health field so I don’t do land selling stuff . and peggy is widowed
    So no hands to help out to use this land . so its for sale.

    Scottville IL site,, my fiend is hoping too sell .to other survivors get this area to grow , it’s a little bit of a drive. Her price to see is 115,000.00.

    Lovely old house is big but was made to save on heating. is in good location able to have livestock. Not many their to cause problems. Just need hands to work the land to help it produce. Mail is not at your door step, that can be a good thing.
    Once this very place had a water solar heating system,, that’s gone but it tell me the roof is in the right direction for using solar.
    the roof on the house is about 70x30 with a new room addition of about 16 x 30 and it isn't finished.

    My friend is Peggy her email is she gave me the ok to share this with you. These are her own words.
    [email protected] People can find Scottville on map search engines. Its 35milse SE from Jacksonville and about 45 mil SW from Springfield there is 2 working wells that I know of the one to the house needs a new washer at the bottom of the well pump so I had the pipe cut and sealed.”

    “Most people do what they want in Scottville. like any other town, but in the blurbs, and that is across the street, anything you want. alpacas, rabbits, chickens, geese ,horses goats. seems like as long as no one says anything, what ever happens.
    Its a small city block and has piping on it for other homes. about a acre and a bit.”

    Here the link to dog pile for location and more about Scottville IL.
    where is Scottville Illinois - Dogpile Web Search
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    Sounds good. I need something like that in Canada. $115,000. for a city block is dirt cheap.

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    land update GONE

    GONE taxes took it. :cry: