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I've never tried it in a Lamp or Lantern, but my guess is that it would smoke. In a Kerosene Stove, even if the K-1 fuel is contaminated with diesel (#1 or #2), it will not burn clean and will give off an odor. Every once in a while, I will get a bad batch of Kerosene. It most likely gets contaminated when a fuel tanker switches from diesel to K-1. The way I understand it is a tanker (or compartment) used for K-1, should always be used just for K-1. They say just a gallon or two of diesel can contaminate a whole tank.

Just for a little extra info, I believe K-1 is the purist form of diesel. I've seen people run it in their diesel trucks, although it is illegal to run without a road tax on it. Some Kerosene has Red Dye in it, but I refuse to burn Red Dye fuel in the house. Luckily enough places sell the "K-1 Clear" around here. My friend's store started selling Red Dye Kerosene and I quit buying it from him. I would use it in an emergency, but not as a routine.

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