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I was just wondering the same thing that the OP posted several years ago. From what I understand (and I could be very wrong), kerosene has a very long shelf life as compared to many other fuels. I also found some small "smell reducer" bottles on clearance at WM for about 50 cents each that you add to reduce the smell. We have a kerosene heater, that we've never used, along with a few gallons of fuel that came with it at a garage sale. I also have some hurricane lamps (again that I have never used) and had no idea I could burn kerosene in them, so that's good to know. I just went and put some extra wicks in my cart b/c they are cheap and a lamp won't do ya much good without wicking.

However, hurricane lamps would be my last choice for lighting b/c of the risk of fire and also the soot factor and the smell. On cold winters, the last thing I want to do is keep a window cracked so I could have light. I will hopefully use my LED lights and use the rechargeable batteries refreshed by by solar charger. If that is not an option due to low sun levels or whatever, then I will burn candles. I'm thinking candles would emit less smoke and carbon monoxide. But I could be wrong on that point too. I just have more experience with candles.o_O
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