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Kerosene does have a long shelf life. You want to look for K-1, the clear stuff, which is a lot cheaper if you can find it at certain gas stations than what you will find in Home Depot and such. Your main concern in storage of kerosene is to keep it sealed to make sure that moisture does not get into the kerosene.

It is relatively low odor when used in kerosene heaters and lamps. If you burn your lamp with too much of a flame then it will produce carbon soot. Just keep the flame lower, you will be able to tell when it’s too high. Oil lamps are much safer than candles when used for light. Remember that an oil lamp has the flame contained inside the glass globe and it has a much more stable base when compared to a candle. Also use caution if you have pets around candles and even lamps.

The kerosene heaters really only smell a lot when you extinguish the flame. It helps if you can take it outdoors and then turn it off and let it sit for a minute or two before bringing it back inside.

I bought a battery powered CO detector just in case, burning the kerosene heaters never registered anything on the detector. DO NOT burn the old-style Coleman stoves or Coleman pump-up style mantle lanterns that use gasoline inside a building.
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