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Lamp oil or more commonly know as paraffin is in fact just cleaner kerosene. They take pains to remove all of the sulphur content. This is what makes the stink. True k1 will burn just as cleanly as "lamp oil". It is lamp oil after all. Plain kerosene is "stove oil". This is what is commonly found in bulk at gas stations and other establishments. It doesn't need to be as clean because of the higher combustion temperatures found in stoves and heaters.

How to burn a lamp well should be the question.. Not the fuel. It is a secondary issue.

Don't buy a modern lamp. They are made very cheaply with pressed steel plate coated with thin nickel plating, the burner also has too many holes in the base for air flow so the combustion air isn't heated well. Both the thin metal and many holes contribute to the issue. Then they have very thin chimneys that are also too short to keep the heat in. If they made them taller they would crack... So without the proper design and production standards they can't be expected to operate for more than a few hours as a novelty item.

Do Find yourself a lamp at least pre WWII. It will be well made and burn the fuel properly. It has already stood the test of time.. So it will last.
Do... Trim the wick in a semi-circle. This will force the flame taller.
The taller flame will be brighter without making the flame large.
Do.. keep the lamp full. your wink will last longer if it stays wet.
Do use the right chimney and wick. The wrong chimney and wick will cause it to stink.

You can find old lamps at yard sales, online auctions, or flea markets. I have a few old ones... 100 plus at this point and never paid more than 20 dollars. Even as recently as this past summer.
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