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So interesting interview about Kyle Rittenhouse story.

This type of thing is commonplace inside the criminal justice system. Especially with less serious crimes, but just as serious life wise for the victim who is portrayed, and treated as, the criminal. That is 1000s, to tens of 1000s of times more commonplace, inside the criminal justice system. Remember how dangerous, as politicians ranted about routinely about, on national TV, about how all the pot smoker were, and getting sent to jails, and prisons, for merely smoking or having pot.

Well the same thing was commonplace, for people getting assaulted, by gangs of thugs to. Like in this case. Gangs of people, still loved and protected, still back then, by the press and the criminal justice system. Even still, to this very day. Kyle Rittenhouse is actually lucky, the press got interested in his case, and brought national attention to his case ,or else most likely ,he would have been found guilty. He would have not had lawyers and investigators for example, to investigate his case.

If you are a get away driver for a bank robbery and people get killed. You are also a murder to. When he was attacked (crime to) in this case and 2 people were killed. The 3rd person at the very least should have been charged with the same crimes Kyle Rittenhouse was. See how fast that type of problem start getting fixed up with these thugs.

If Kyle Rittenhouse had been a black man. The 3rd person would have been charged with the same crimes as Kyle Rittenhouse. The black Kyle Rittenhouse would be treated as a hero. Another double standard, so commonplace, people do not realize it.

Those 3 people. 2 of whom were shot, were not trying to arrest him. But kill him or cause great bodily harm. (Still portrayed as victims though). He was trying to get himself, out of that situation, and go to the police. Instead they are treated as victims, by the courts, and Kyle Rittenhouse, as the criminal. The police and courts, cherry picking, the criminal, and victims, for whatever reasons, yet again, other that for justice, they decide is important, yet again. In a free country you are allowed to go where you want to for the reasons you want to. Including to defend people and or properly. People are allowed to do things, you may not personally like ,or think of, as stupid to you. But important to others. Not even supposed to matter.

He is actually very lucky the press got involved. He would almost certainly otherwise gotten convicted, because of the criminal justice systems, even in public actions. Predetermining the fate they wanted for him. Not even following the basics, of the rule of law. Very lucky indeed.

1000s to tens of 1000s of people are not that lucky. This is a travesty of justice that takes place daily in the criminal justice system. The poor can't afford justice and hence are taken advantage of for government workers job security. No respect for peoples basic human rights what so ever. That is commonplace locally everywhere.
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