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Discussion in 'Politics' started by bunkerbob, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Well that was almost as embarrassing to watch as it was for the Congress Critter to be standing there with his peepee in his hand...

    Me thinks it's time for me to reread the DoI and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it's been so long I'd step on it worse then the CC did...

    This is why Cops carry the little card with the Miranda warnings on it because memory can get you into more dodo then your mouth can handle.

    Good post!!! let it be a warning to all !

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    "The lawmaker represents what is considered a safe seat but the video is an illustration of a recent poll that shows four in ten Tea Party activists are Democrats or independents, suggesting that Republicans may not receive their full support in the fall." Quoted from the text below the video clip listed above.

    I'm so tired of the constant media attempts to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of right wing, racist, homophobes. It's about limiting government interference in our lives. Get over the name calling. Like the old saying goes...If you can't debate the merits then attack the messenger. Something liberals excell at. Especially since their ideas have no merit to begin with.
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    :melikey: :congrat:

    I wonder how many congresscritters actually know what's in the constitution.
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    Actually, I am a little embarrassed at my lack of knowledge except for a few "key" points it contains. I had heard and "knew" the part he was referring to but wouldn't have known "where" it was.
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    check this out, the constitution, bill of rights, transcripts. good site, refresh yourself.

    Bill of Rights