Knives for sale - Anza Dunslayer, Becker BK2, Condor Bushlore

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    All are sold. Thanks

    Hi, thinning the herd. These are for sale and include shipping to USA. If you want more detail I can take additional photos.

    The Anza Dune Slayer is brand new and unused $140 (top Knife)
    The Camillus Becker Bk2 Campanion knife This BK2 is original "Becker" not Kabar Becker $115 (there is one on eBay for 199.00 right now). May have been used once or twice was sharpened - Excellent condition (2nd from top)
    The TOPS BOB was sharpened never used as far as I remember - SOLD (3rd from top)
    The Condor Bushlore/Bushcraft was sharpened, may have used it to cut open a couple of boxes. $35 Excellent condition (4th from the top)

    All are great knives, just prefer some of my others over these. Thanks

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    Glad to hear it.

    Though I kinda regret having missed this! :)