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Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by ReconCraftTheta, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. ReconCraftTheta

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    So, my mom found an abandon kitten at a barn we go to. It's only a few days old, and we're doing our best. Info on how much to feed him or other general advice would be great.
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    Go to the local Petsmart or Atwoods or someplace like that and ask them for the formula that is made to supplement and/or feed orphaned kittens.

    Also, each time you feed the little one you will need to take a warm washcloth and wipe its bottom until it "goes" ... you can also massage it with the cloth to simulate mom's licking but be sure to use a dry washcloth to dry it off so it doesn't get cold.

    Take a look at this:

    It might help answer any other questions that are gonna come up. Good luck! Bottle raising a kitten or puppy is hard work ... but worth it! :congrat:

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    Feed with a dropper or a pet bottle every 2 hrs. Use goat milk if ya can get it. If not use kitten formula that can be bought at any pet supply store and maybe even at walmart
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    +2 on the stimulating the babies bottom to get her/him to go potty. Plus keeping a heating pad under whatever it is you have kitty in will help keep the body temps right-just like human babies they have problems maintaining body heat for quite a while.
    I have one cat that was hand raised by me due to her being chucked out of a car window with her sisters(who did not make it) she is about 12 now and doing fine. lots of work but you get a pet that loves you forever!
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    It's only milk right now. Any pics? Is it in good health?
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    22's so good to see you again! Glad to have you back!

    I can't add more to what's been said above, since that's the advice I would have given you. But I wanted to say hi! I hope to see you more. You have a good head on your shoulders and a lot to offer!

    Keep us posted on the kitten! :)
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    Damn, wish I'd seen this post sooner.

    Get a syringe and mix wet cat food in the can with water. Use 1-2 syringes of this into the kitten every 2-3 hours. This is what we did at the animal clinic and it worked for all the kittens we had.
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    EXACTLY!! :congrat::congrat:
  9. ReconCraftTheta

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to get back soon enough.

    The powers that be ended up in our favor, we returned him to the barn where he was found, and his mother took him back.

    Again, thanks a lot of the responses! If I see him while I'm working this summer I'll take a picture!