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    Well, I've just taste-tested a kitchen-counter science experiment. I got the book 'Wild Fermentation', and tried a made-up version of the kimchi. We're talking lacto-fermentation, here, and it's easy.

    I cut up 1/2 cabbage, 2 onions, a cucumber, some carrots, a turnip, a few cloves of garlic, and some ginger. As per the recipe, I soaked the veggies in an ice cream bucket of brine (4 tbsp kosher salt per gallon, weighted by a jar of water on a plate) overnight. Drained the bucket, saving the liquid. Rinsed the veggies and packed them in a half-gallon jar with a tablespoon of hot pepper flakes. Added a bit of the liquid to cover the veggies, then used a ziploc baggie half-full of brine to weight everything down. Left it on the back of the cupboard.

    For saurkraut, I think you'd just use cabbage, but the principle is the same.

    First day - house smelled like a super-tasty salad. Picked veggies out of the jar and ate them...salty and crunchy, yum. The onions were fierce, though.

    Third day - veggies still smelled like salad, but the flavors were melding. I think I added too much ginger and garlic, and the onions were still fierce. The cukes became limp and slimy, but the carrots and turnips were still crunchy.

    Fifth day - now it smells like pickles. Like honest to goodness store pickles, though the taste is not the same at all. It is spicy and has a tingly flavor that is hard to explain. I actually don't like pickles, but these are okay. I put a proper lid on the container and set it in the fridge for picking out of for the next few days.

    Easy, easy, easy...
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    I've just taste-tested a kitchen-counter science experiment - Sounds like fun.:2thumb:

    Thanks for posting!:congrat:

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    kimchee is fiercely addicting.