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I know we have a few Kentucky people here. Post if your in Ky.
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Hello from Rowan county!
NW Ohio transplant.
Butler area). Very rural but nice too!
Anyone interested in doing a "Kentucky Emergency Group" or in the words of bear independent a "Mutual Assistance Group". If you are PM me

Franklin County Here
Right across the river in Indiana now. But grew up in Hopkins county in western Ky.
Franklin Co here, looking for like minded individuals. Can't do it all by yourself
Just moved from Morgantown,Ky to Maryville Tn due to health.Still have almost 3 acres in rural Butler co for sale.Has a 1/2 acre pond and older trailer thats been redone..
Trying to revive the idea of a Kentucky group especially in the midst of the historic flooding. I would hope this makes everyone rethink the idea of groups and support that you can't do everything by yourself
Still hoping to gain some traction on the idea of a group
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121 - 135 of 135 Posts