Kentucky Walking Sticks

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  1. stixman

    stixman Kentucky Walking Sticks

    I make walking sticks and canes which I sell on my web site Kentucky Walking Sticks. When the average person thinks of someone who may use a walking stick. The first thought that come to mind is of an older person, however many people use walking sticks everyday.

    People use walking sticks for hiking, for walking assistance, and for perosnal protection. Other people collect walking sticks.

    Please take a look at the walking sticks I make at Kentucky Walking Sticks and I'm sure you will be suprised.
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    You might get a better response if you post a link back to your site. :)

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    Yeah, I got blowed up... walk with a cane, VA gives out cheep aluminium made in china ones.
  4. Magus

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    I make them as well,but like I learned the hard way:

    No picture,no sale.:ignore: