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It’s been a while now. So.

Kent Brockman Here. At Our Nation’s Capital and Presidential Inauguration.

At first, I did not understand what was going on. I thought, some great mosaic was being painted, by both sides. Something being created for our history books maybe? As they were slipping and sliding around, on each side. You never know with artist types. I have learned that. Mixed in with some type of new dance craze? Covered in a yellowish-brown paint. I thought at first anyway.

Until the smell hit me.

That, and the noises from 1000s of rancid smelling, paint ball rounds, flying back and forth. Flying at each other. Clicking and whooshing noises. Some shooting each other, in the back, as they slide around. Each side standing shoulder to shoulder thought, giving as good as they got. At first anyway, I was told.

No casualties were reported, as everyone wore safety googles.

I know it’s shocking, and it’s true. At the end, when the paint ball rounds ran out. 2 people did step forward. One from each side. They did, get into a fist fight. I know it’s shocking. Each person ended up leaving with a black eye, bleeding nose, and a busted lip. It was a good fight though. I watched it on YouTube afterwards. Happened somewhere else, on the line.

You missed, a once in a lifetime experience. This tapestry, that was being created for our country. You are, dealing with, artists here. It was awe inspiring to behold. It truly was.

Maybe, the next time, we have a presidential inauguration. We can have 50,000 troops, instead of 20,000 as reported anyway. Maybe then, they will not run out of paint balls so fast? Maybe, it will be the same person again as president? He will have some previous experience, and hopefully organize a better job of this. Make it an even more of, an awe inspiring, experience for all to see. We can hope and pray.

The rest is in attached .pdf file.


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