Keeping toddlers in mind?

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  1. flowerrosy

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    What special things do you suggest keeping on hand for toddlers? I have a one and two year old. It has been crazy the last week due to the blizzards, we lost power and tv. They were totally out of their routine and we were stuck in the house for several days.
    I can only imagine if we had to be in our basement for a couple weeks! I would go nuts! How can I prepare to take care of them in an emergency? I have stocked comfort foods (mac & cheese, cakes, fruit punch mix and pudding). I also bought special flashlights with Disney characters on them.
  2. Lake Windsong

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    When mine was that young, we would make homemade playdough, play hide n go seek, read, make a scavenger hunt, play games geared to that age (memory, battery operated or wind up games, blocks and duplos). Think along the lines of old-fashioned toys, books, and also battery operated games with plenty of batteries.

  3. TechAdmin

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    Games, candy. Whenever we go any where we have to take half the house with us. Having a bored two year old is a bad idea then. I think in SHTF situations it would be worse. I have candy packed away as a preventative measure in my home and my Jeep.
  4. *Andi

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    Lake Windsong & Dean have it ... old-fashioned toys, games and books. :)

    The comfort foods and special flashlights are great.:2thumb: Just keep thinking along that line.
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    In my family, the big thing is Pinnochle. You might not think it but the tradition is that you learn to play at a very young age. It gets crazy at family get-togethers. I'm talking hours and hours of card playing.
  6. mdprepper

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    Wooden puzzles, flash cards, make them their own photo album-pictures of favorite people, places, things-very comforting. Crayons, coloring books, lots of paper, glitter, glue and easy crafty things (plastic canvas, yarn, popcicle sticks, etc).
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  7. Jason

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    My son (19 months) is really attached to his blankies. He has a couple. They're small, maybe 3'square and soft and fleecy on one side and satiny on the other. He does have his favorite but as long as he has one with him he's good to go. We may not take the good one camping, for example, but we have a backup with us. We also try to keep one in both the jeep and the truck in case we have to scoot in a hurry.