Justice for the violated, past and present

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    This has happened here to and i,am glad that the scum suck will be eating on the county dime for Christmas, :congrat: this low life and his friends need a vacation they have been working so hard, what do ya say about 3-6 years should be good. Maybe these folks won't have to worry about these scum making money off their deceased family. Me i think this type of fine citizen should be a guest of the state for 20. Police Make Arrest In Cemetery Thefts - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati
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    Sometimes I think the Moslems have it right about thieves...it's a voluntary act, a crime, hard to catch them, they should have their right hands cuf off and forever eat last or alone.

    What irks me about metal theft is by Federal law all licensed scrap metal buyers are required to keep names and addresses. They know that they're receiving stolen goods yet they seldom get prosecuted.

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    Knowing and suspecting are two different things. If there are no recorded numbers, you can't prove anything. I have been hit by thieves 4 times in the last 3 years that I am aware of. With only one exception they took scrap metal with no numbers, and the one item with numbers, I didn't have it recorded. I suspect that I know the thief. But there is no way to be sure if I don't catch them in the act.
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    That's the point...it's often difficult to catch them and harder to prove. However, when they catch them and catch them cold and solid, the penalty is so light they're back doing it again within months in many cases.
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    Prison Labor is the answer to getting our Manufacturing Base restarted in this country (as a supplemental easement strategy) while also serving to rehabilitate non-violent offenders, reduce the tax-burden, AND simultaneously make prison less of a sub-culture and non-punishment for those that are getting country club treatment.
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    Scrap metal dealers know when they are receiving something illegal. Here in our county we are having to replace road signs daily. The theives are stealing them for the aluminum. Now you know the scrap dealers realize this is stolen property, unless the theives are melting it down. The cost to the citizens of the county for manpower and materials is getting out of hand. We need these signs for 911 emergencies. The delay of medical or law enforcement help caused by a missing sign could result in someone's dealth.
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    Are you suggesting chain gangs - great idea, why are we still so soft on criminals, why, because we let them abuse the system and file all kinds of frivolous law suits.

    Francon is right, the labor unions won't stand for it. I do have to agree, I don't believe prisoners should be competing against free laborers, but then making big rocks into little rocks, etc. seem perfectly justified to me.

    In the spirit of openness, I must admit I do believe in corporal punishment. When we stopped being able to disciplince our children we gave up the option of keeping criminals under control. No our children are not equivelant to criminals, but, if they don't learn at an early age, if just fosters disregard for social mores and norms.