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    With all the concerns about where to look for medical help in the near future and who you will be able to depend on in an emergency i was astonished at what my daughter called me about today. She is in Nursing School, where if you are late to class the door is locked and you miss that class. But today while at clinicals another student left for lunch and never came back. No emergency, just took boyfriend to the doctors. Did not tell Instructor until 1 hour after she was supposed to show up after lunch. Instructor said that was OK. OMG, As a former nursing supervisor and having worked in the medical profession for 25 years before I retired, I would have fired that girl (sorry she is 35) In the real world of medicine that is called abandoment and you can and probably would loose your nursing license.
    But on top of that the ER doctor who saw the boyfriend (whose BP was really elevated)told him it was just stress from school (he is also in the class with my daughter) and he just needed to relax. This is a young man with history of High blood pressure, who had lost weight and stopped taking medicine for it, and a father that died in his 40's of a heart attack.
    I asked my daughter to advise the boy that he really needed to see a REAL doctor and also instructed her to discuss this with the Instructor at the collage.
    Oh yeah told her to have him give a formal complaint to the hospital where the doctor works
    Scary to think that this could happen and worried about future medical care.
    Thanks for this forum and the ability to vent, where someone will also be concerned.
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    My girlfriend and i went to the emergency room to get her checked out one time for dizziness and pain and she has a family history of heart disease as well .....can you believe that they didn't even take her BP? Well maybe you can believe it. Needless to say we avoid that ER like the plague. I take my national registry on sat and i am constantly scared to death i am going to mess up and do more harm to someone. I can believe how many health care providers just don't seem to care. :soapbox1: and done

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    Sometimes, people amaze me with a lack of any "walking around' common sense. When it comes to your health these days, people need to ask questions, and be pro active. Just because a Doctor tells you something, if it doesn't sound right, ask questions, or see another Doctor.

    Even the internet is a good source of question and answer ideas that can help you make a more informed decision about a medical condition. What I'm trying to say is, use common sense, as difficult as this might be for some people.
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    your quote kills me:ignore:
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    Yes but it's so true. :)
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    Got you all beat. My grandfather was given medication for high BP(he's 89). Afterward he started falling down, even destroyed his rotator cuff, did I say he was 89, so they can not repair his shoulder. Any way after over 9 months and and a number of visits to the ER and his DR. a ER DR. finally notice that his PB medication was 4 times what it should be. He quit taking it and now he's back to normal including non medicated BP, with one exception he now only has the use of one arm. I believe modern medicine is great, but don't trust them.
    I wish I had an answer other than that.
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    Tiedami-good luck with your exams. That fear you speak of could actually be a blessing-it'll keep you humble. Complacency is a killer and if you are always just a little nervous you'll never get complacent. I do environmental remediation work for a living and it's the same mentality that I use. Noone's lives are on the line with me, but I deal with so many constantly changing rules and regs that staying on my guard all the time prevents me from making mistakes that would be VERY costly for my company.
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    2 winter ago i came down with pneumonia and went to the hospital and when they admitted me, they put a Canula on me and left the room. When the nurse came back i told her that i was not feeling the O2. She said it was on and it was just a little O2. well i was sick and thought OK. well 5 and 1/2 hours i got out of bed and looked, Yep it was not on. So i beep the nurse and showed her it was not on and i was pissed. she did not say a word.
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    I'm not the biggest fan of Docs. I grew up around them, and the majority of them see themselves as some sort of demigod. I had to go to a walk up clinic for a prescription refill, for a non narcotic muscle relaxer. The Doc walked in grunted at me walked out, and then thirty minutes later the nurse came in. With a different, narcotic prescription I refuse to take. It doesn't work well and it's addictive. I asked why he switched it, and she told me she didn't know. I asked to see the Doc and she told me he already left. It made me so angry, I demanded a refund, and got it.