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    Well its a stormy morning here and that is making a for a slow day here at the homestead, so my mind is wandering a little. I have been thinking about my the direction of my preps and also the direction others are taking. We are blessed to be in an area with a long growing season, lots of fish and game and we have enough land to raise livestock, so that is the direction we are taking. We farm and preserve all that we can. We try to stock up on items that we cannot produce. Some call this prepping or survivalism, we call it self reliant. We have no intention of bugguing out and we have the means and determination to stand our ground.
    The thing that troubles me is why are people who could stand, planning on bugging out. I read about BOBS and BOVs and MAGs, etc. I know that apartment dwellers and people that live in the inner city face challenges that I dont but there are many suburbanites and rural families that would be better served with an attitude that focused on staying in place rather than bugging out.
    Which would be better for most, a BOV or a tiller and gardening and preserving supplies? Listen I know the toys are more romantic and fun, but which way provides the best means of self reliance. What is better a BOB and a MBR or a full pantry and every storage space fully utilized? Are you really better served learning how to start a fire with a flint or learning how to can and dehydrate. Is your golly whopper survival combat knife going to serve you better than a drawer full of RADA knives and a hundred cans of food?
    I do not mean to be critical of anyone and I do not think my is the only way. i just hope everyone considers the consequences of the plan they are working. I am worried that all of the BOVs and BOBs will be stopping off at places like mine with an empty belly and that will not work out well for anyone. If you have a yard of any size or you have friends with land think very hard about staying put and planning for self reliance. We face some hard times, but we do not have to face anarchy.
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    In my case, it's based on the situation. If the nuke plant 6 miles upwind from me should blow or some major flood comes my way, I'll be bugging out. Power outage, blizzard... I'm staying put.

    SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, that's a tough call. Since my BOL is close, more secure, larger and has more tillable land then the homestead, I may go there but the biggest consideration will be security. If it's relatively quiet out there amongst the masses I'd stay put but if there's large roving groups with ill-will out there, I'd have to go to the BOL.

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    I think security is the biggest reason people may be planning to bug out. Even if someone with a large suburban yard could grow a garden, they still have to protect it.

    Plus the things bczoom mentioned. It might depend what is nearby that could present dangers, as well as the type of disaster or situation.

    Even those of us who are planning to stay put should be running bug-out scenarios. No matter how safe and secure the location, there's always a chance things will go differently than we think. The likelihood of us having to bug out is slim, but still needs to be considered.

    People in small towns and rural areas can possibly work together to protect their areas, but when people start getting more spread out, that becomes more difficult.
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    I live on the edge of a fairly large city where looking around while standing on my deck with a burger-flipper in hand and burgers smokin' away on the BBQ I can see the control-tower of the international airport and watch the planes zipping up and down the runways.

    While standing there, I can listen to the rumble of trains heading north-n-south down in a gully about 250 yards away from my feet. Just on the other side of those train tracks is a major north-south highway (3 lanes each direction) that transport trucks use to carry equipment, chemicals, food, etc.

    A "small" accident at the airport could cause some troubles for those trucks and trains that are zipping by all day and all night. That "small" accident could start a fire that could head up the grassy-hill towards the single row of houses between me and the roads and tracks. That fire could carry ammonia fumes or other such stuff.

    My plan is to BugIn primarily, but, those kinds of circumstances may force me to hook up the camper and GetOutOfDodge (GOOD) and stay out of the way of those who are trained to deal with such problems. By taking myself away from the problem, I allow the hazmat people room to move without tripping over my prone body ... ya know what I mean, eh?
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    I don't think those who have a BOB , a BOV, and a BOL plan to bug out as their 1st response to a disaster. Preparedness means that you have a plan A, a plan B , and maybe a plan C. So if you stay put and a messy situation becomes more messy , and looks like it isn't improving, it is then wise to think of other options, including bugging out.

    Also, please keep in mind that a prepper should be an improvizer. So, a BOB is not necessarily devoted for one purpose of bugging out. It gives you the auurance of having all bases covered in a small package.

    A few years back when I was building the house in a town 15 miles from where I lived ( it is the town where I work ) , we visited the house and went shopping. When we eere thinking of travelling back it started raining bad.

    We went to our uncompleted house. It was made of concrete and basic structure was complete with roof and all. So, we went into a room and BOB or GHB with us into the house. Stuff in there was most helpful. I lit some cyalume and some candles and we "camped" there till rain stopped.

    So, a BOB/GHB is always a good thing to have on hand. You never know.
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  6. The_Blob

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    I think many of us already live in our BOLs :sssh: :ignore:

    most of my BOB preps are really for my vehicles for when I'm NOT at home & want to get back safely :beercheer:
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    Many wise things here. I feel much the same way and plan to stay on my own property that I am setting up for self reliance.

    As far as the big bug out thing, it is the only option for many in and near the cities. If there is a national level emergancy anarchy will start in days if not even a week.
    Early on people that try to ride it out will most likely be met with police and worse when trying to proactivly protect their own property let alone their gardens. Police will ride around and show up after the crimes and write reports if they are still on duty.

    The preperation to get out of the way is a realistic safe option as opossed to being in the war zone that may erupt in the weeks to follow. I might add that people that are making these plans don't want to BO they feel its the safest option for their situation.

    Heck as a guy in the country, I would love for them to stay put and take out the trash but I understand the need to plan for the best option for their family
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    At this time should SHTF I will be on foot with my BOB heading to a spot in the woods that I have alread scouted out. It is 5,000 acres heavily wooded.

    I am currently looking for some land and once purchased it will be my permanet residence as well as my BOL. I know the area I am looking in and there is a small Corps of Engineers campground in the area that will be the rally point for family and friends. The only large to med size town is over and hour away and the small towns closer are primarily country/rural folk who are for the most part self reliant.
  9. unclebob

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    You said it
    My BOV is to get home and also if I have to make a run to pick up a family member very near a big city.
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    We have talked of bugging out but cannot afford another home. My biggest worry is we live on a busy state hwy. We have now cleared all around the property so there is no way anyone could sneak up without the fear of being seen. But it still bothers me.
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    Good comments! After making this morning's post, I went out to the shop and worked on my BOV. It is a 1970 cheverolet 4x4 flat bed with a 50 gal auxillary fuel tank. I then sharpened my Rat7 and my Cold Steel R1 Classic knives and then loaded up a hundred rounds of .308. Yep, I have a Bug Out Plan! I just know that for most people, myself included, leaving my well stocked home is an act of desparation. My concern is that too many have decided to prep along the lines of Bugging Out first. I would bet that a BOL is a fantasy for most. If I were to bug out, I would just be another refugee with some cool stuff.
  12. CulexPipiens

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    I've thought about BOL.. including the "deep in the woods" and some rural areas. Some problems I see if SHTF is that others may have thought of the same location(s) setting up for confrontations at a minimum and "king of the hill" battles as a possibility. I've also thought about buying some acreage in a rural area... but unless you can establish some type of presenece on it ahead of time... I wonder what the locals will think when I show up and appear to be a squatter trying to live there. If it is that bad, do you think a "deed" to the land is going to really make a difference? You'll just be seen as a competitor for resources.

    As a result I'm working on some possible BOLs where I am already known and hopefully will have a pre-arranged agreement in place prior to needing to move there. Not necessarily a MAG but at least an acceptance of my presence. If bugging out becomes necessary it will be stressful enough with all the unknowns to have an uncertain or questionable destinations in mind.
  13. Jason

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    We plan on staying put unless there is absolutely no way that can happen. We have acreage, a few animals, and buildings and equipment that we can use to remain successful.

    We are learning new skills all the time. Just today my wife tried canning meat for the first time-she's got 3 pints of venison boiling away as I type this. Sure it's not much but it's an experiment-a first attempt. Also, she butchered our Boer goat at the same time she cut up her deer so we had goat for dinner tonight-another first for us. Turns out it's really good.

    We're stocking up on stuff as we can afford it, and we're balancing food with other items as money allows. To get back on point, though, we'd really be much better off staying put than hitting the road.
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    As others have said, we're not going anywhere except in a really dire circumstance. My biggest concern is how to work, patrol and protect 10 acres of animals and garden with only 2 of us. :dunno: We do have another place to go and have begun to stash some supplies there but we are located at what we hope is our BOL.
  15. Ponce

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    Clarice? do a google search for "Wireless drive way alarm", I have two recievers and eleven senders that protects my property.

    Ten years ago I knew what was going to happen and the first thing that I did was to move out of CA and into the mountains of OR, in those ten years I have been getting ready in many ways and lucky for me I had the money to do it with.

    One of this days I'll write about the alarm system that I have and about what you can do.
  16. Clarice

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    Thanks for the information Ponce, I'll look it up right away.
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    Bugging out

    I agree with Sinbad, I hope to stay put in a bad scenario..but I always have a plan two or three..just in case
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    "BOBS and BOVs and MAGs, " Can someone post me a link with these acronyms spelled out al;so what is TIWAN...??
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    In my case, bugging out is a situation of last resort. Some family members would be hard pressed to travel great distances, so staying put it the better option for most scenarios. That being said, there are situations that would necessitate leaving for points elsewhere. I'm fortunate in that I live in a suburban community that is populated with retired LE, military, and other responsible folks that pull together when things get tough. Keeping all options open is important. It's also important to realize when the time has come to hunker down or get out of dodge...:usaflag: