Just Signed Up, From S.W. Oregon

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Viking, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Viking

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    Hi Everyone, It's kind of strange that I found this site from a link at the Lee Precision reloading products Factory Sales site. Where I live it's pretty much already a survival destination area, most everyone around me has spring water systems, plenty of wildlife, good gardens and a lot of fruit and nut trees. The great thing is that we couldn't have better neighbors, we look out for each other on a constant basis. I am very pleased to have joined this site. Jerry
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  2. MaryV

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    hi, welcome,
    sounds like you live in a great place! i look forward to hearing you share.

  3. River Rafter

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    Hi Viking! You and I live in the same area - a beautiful corner of God's Country!
  4. benJAMMIN

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    Very cool! Sounds like a wonderful place to live! Now if we could just make the whole world into a place a like that!!.....:rolleyes: