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but I just checked my other jars that the lids did work on, and they look like they had leaked some in the process. They have sealed and were processed long enough. Is this common?

Is it normal for the water afterwards to be yellowish? Also, I've noticed that the jars have a white powder covering them after they cool. Are these both normal things to expect?

It's really not that hard, but I lack having anyone around that has even the slightest experience to help me for those in between questions. Anyone that I have talked to about canning, I get a different story. I am using the water bath method with cold pack for the salsa. pH done with lemon juice. Pint jars, and I'm at 945ft altitude. Bath time was 40min.
The white powder on top of your lids is most likely disolved solids from yoou water (check the water hardness) ;)

The Ball Blue Book is indespensible for canning, freezing and drying.
Yesterday, we (pressure) canned 5 qts of potatoes and 15 pts of carrots.

On the docket today, (water bath) bread and butter pickles and pickled jalapenos and pressure canned stewed tomatoes (wife does not like "vinegery" canned tomatoes) for canning (and maybe some chicken) and apples in the Excaliber (9 drawer dehydrator) (when the peppers get done). Tomorrow, more chicken and more potatoes.

But seriously, get thee the Ball Blue Book :D
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