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    I've been so busy, I haven't had any time to chat around here! We are inching closer to our mortgage-owner has become so desperate that he has chosen the "re-finance" option, apparently he will refinance the remainder of his mortgage into our name, walking away and not making any profit. Whatever works! Everyone is happy and healthy (so far!). I've been spending most of my free time doing fall cleaning and getting the house ready for winter. I was going to caulk the windows this past weekend, but when I opened the tube, I couldn't find anything long and sharp enough to poke the seal inside :confused::nuts:
    My boys have been helping me with the yardwork. It's so amazing that they are older now and they enjoy being mommy's helpers. My 5 year old enjoyed sweeping the driveway so much that he started pushing the acorns out of the grass and back onto the drive, just so he could sweep them off again.
    Hope all is well with you guys!
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    Wondered where you've been.

    Thanks for the update.

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    Glad to hear from you! Great news about your house! I hope the owner goes through with it! Then all the work you do...is YOURS! Yay!

    Your kids sound fun! That's cute, about your 5-year old sweeping the driveway! I miss how some of you guys would tell us the cute things your kids do! They really are the future, and a good reason to be a prepper!
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    I'm really pleased that things are going well for you. :beercheer: