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    The economy is on everybody’s mind, having a backup resource is critical, many postings on this forum are on the right track, especially those here that have land, raising live stock, gardening is a stress reliever of the best kind especially more if preservation is involved. Many like me are at the mercy of city codes, no live stock allowed, so I’m at the mercy of my wits, shopping for specials whenever wherever possible, canning, curing, drying, baking and now I`m experimenting in growing my own vegetables, my 50x100 back yard is big enough, by the way onions came out beautiful, I will be planting what we like to eat only and are easy to preserved; canned, drying no need to make preparations to complicated, for those with limited space a 5 gallon bucket is a start, my potatoes came out great in one, the point of this little story is that no matter where you are or what your resources are you can, with a little money and time and of course knowledge make do and saved yourself and family money and eat healthier .
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    Good points RTG, that's why I'm adding to my Garden, and adding Chickens, and Rabbits this summer. BTW it's good to here from you, don't make yourself so scarce.

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    RTG, if you haven't, you should take a look at the book "The backyard homestead" I'm not positive, but I bet it has some good info, even if 100'x50'.
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    I'd echo this and add further that practicing now, even if it's only potatoes in the 5 gallon bucket, is REAL experience, not a book or magazine or something someone told you about, you did it! and if you failed, you found a way that didnt work, so try again!!!

    learn the hardest parts now while everything is good, and you're ahead of the curve when you need this for food, not hobby!
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    I live in a small city and I keep expanding my garden. We eat a lot of food from it last year. This years expansion is going to allow for some more preservation. I only saved 6 jars last year. I work with a double principle, as in I have tried to double everything I care about each year. My point is expand at a pace you can handle. Too much too quick and I think I would end up losing more then I would gain.
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    Thanks Jeff47041 ,just saw it in Amazon"The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!",will be ordering it soon.:wave:
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    I totally agree with you I enjoy canning and drying so I will be just planting for those purposes and good fresh food on the table another good reason is to get me two children involved, they need to learn this kind of stuff for their own survival and future.