Just a thought--Does anyone know how to make a bolo?

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  1. Emerald

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    All the talk of geese on the winter thread got me to thinking of a book that had primitive folks who made bolos to get geese and ducks for dinner... Does anyone here know how to make one...
    I've read enuf to maybe fake it-three round rocks encased in leather attached to their own strong cordage tied strongly in the center maybe?
    Just curious.:confused:
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    Sounds plausible .... I can't profess to be an expert on bolo construction, though.

    With that said, however, I would think that you could make one out of modern materiels and have it stay together a little better. Hit home depot or lowes, grab some light chain and some bolts (or weld it if you have that option) and attach some scrap steel to the ends of the chain. Just a thought. I may actually give that a shot, just to see if it works! : )

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    I have heard of a bolo before, but, never in the terms of hunting, so I decided to look it up. I found out that there is a shotgun shell called a bolo-shell that basically fires off a few BB's (or small slugs) that are joined together with a piece of piano-wire, all tucked together nicely inside a normal 12-guage shell, it may also be known as a chain shot.

    Emerald - would you happen to have more information about this primitive bolo that someone would be able to use?
  4. wkrbee

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    Do a Internet search on'Primitive Technologies'.Tons of stuff including bolos.
  5. Emerald

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    I read about it in the Earth's Children Series by Jean Auel. Many of the primitive tribes/clans used it.

    I was kinda thinking about making one with fleece balls and yarn maybe putting a few beans/rice in the "balls" to weight them just to see how it would work and to keep from killing myself while learning how to throw it... once I am not knocking self in the head anymore then make a more lethal one. But it would be good for small game like rabbits and such...
    Or if you made a few, anyone running away from you (such as carrying your stuff away from you) you could stop them with a well aimed bolo to the legs... Just one of the uses..
    I also want to make an atlatyl with some arrows to see how hard it would be not only to make but use.
    I can highly suggest that anyone who enjoys a good read to pick up the first book of the series "Clan of the Cave Bear"... The author can tell such a tale that you can tell she's done the work herself... She is an anthropologist and lived some of the stuff she's written. Got me totally interested in how to start fires with just wood and other odd stuff... The herbal lore alone(not all is real but you can pretty much know what is what.)is worth the read.
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    Primitive Weapon Plans

    I have plans and info on most of the primitive weapons like bolos, blowguns, boomarangs and bow weapons ......

    Send me a pm if you need a copy .....
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    The best one I have seen is made out of paracord by tying 3 monkey fists together. Search the firesteel survival forum, there is a great guy who goes by paracord. His are amazing. Joe