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Just a Quick Alabama Roll Call

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Millbrook AL here
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OandB said:
Which ones do you go to?
Mostly along the 65 route, Hsv and Bham areas. If I'm further south than Bham, I'm more likely to shop at FL outlet malls.
Hey guys,

Anyone in the Shelby, Jefferson county areas. The Walmart has got some ammo. The one in Alabaster has .22-.45 and different rifle ammo
Pelham only had .22 and .45
Hoover had .22 only
Bessemer had .22-.45 and .308 and .243
Clanton had .22-.40
Calera had .22-.45
All of these with the exception of Hoover had Shotgun shells of different loads.
Where exactly is wiregrass? I know I could google it but I'm lazy lol. Welcome all you new comers.
AUprepster said:
Cullman right here
Howdy neighbor! Welcome from Moulton.
21 - 40 of 68 Posts