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    Maybe there's a movie buff out there who might know the answer to my question.

    Time after time, when I'm watching a movie and you see some hot women, but the main female, who is supposed to be attractive, isn't in the same range as the female lead. For example: I started watching a movie set in Moscow last night. Dude walks into a 'disco' looking for the daughter of a contact. She's supposed to be an escort. He moves right past a slew of interesting Slavic beauties. Then the female lead is introduced. She's a mediocre, sorta squat woman with a sorta angry (without the hot-angry or attitude type) look. WTH?

    Why is it that truly hot women seldom play the lead and it's mostly pretty or mediocre ones in the lead? I've come to the conclusion that the most beautiful women will never be actresses. We might get a few slipping in, but mostly so-so ones. There are beautiful women who can act. Is it because the average woman viewer wouldn't like truly beautiful women?
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    Beauty is in the eye of beholder?
    Pam Anderson ugly to me
    Emily Deschanel Hot (tv show bones)

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    Oh man, I typed 'moving' instead of movie.

    That's what happens when I type at 90 wpm when my mind is working at far slower speeds.
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    That's what happens when I type 90 WPM. :eek:

    Now that I'm typing at, ohhhhh, only 15 words per minute...........It's OK, Survive. I forgive anyone's typos if they are typing 90WPM. :)
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    I've only got a few talents, and typing beats two of the 'other'. I'm easy to draw blood from and I don't have problems giving pee for testing-the reason I was up so dang early this morning.
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    If you go back to the '20's-'60's era you will find many beautiful women in leading roles and modest, matronly looking women playing bit parts in movies. Just look up some of the movies that these women were in and make a comparison to the other women in the movie: MovieMaidens - Beautiful Classic Actresses of the 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s

    Since I have a lot free time on my hands lately, I'll try to find specific examples. I think a lot of it has to do with the changing standards of the movie industry. There was a time when the movie executives and casting directors would mostly cast beautiful women in leading roles because they thought they would bring in the most money. With the changes in the industry over the years, they tend to look more on who's popular at the moment and how much money the actresses previous films made when deciding who to cast.
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    Because they want the character to be easy to relate to. And not many people are models.
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    Fixed your title .. now - for an answer to your original question.

    Every director has a different view of what is beauty just as every person has a different idea of what makes a beautiful person. What I like in a woman is someone who is "natural" and not covered in make-up or hair-dyes, a figure that looks like she would have no problems walking 5 miles and then looking at me to say that it was easy to walk those five miles.

    When my dad married my step-mom, she was one of those women who had a great body (walk 5 miles) and personality - but - she was always covering up (make-up, etc). Her own two boys had never seen her without being made-up. One morning I found her rushing to the bathroom to get her "face-on" and she said "Don't look at me!" as she tried to hide her "hideousness" of being completely natural. I told her that she was beautiful the way she was and that the make-up wasn't required. From that day on, she hasn't spent hours trying to be made-up - she is natural unless there is a good reason for putting on make-up (party, special occasion, etc). :2thumb:
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    Thank you for fixing that title. It was bothering me...too much.

    I can now settle for an iced frap instead of a call to my therapist. (I'm sorta not joking as I hate really blatant errors!)