Joe Lieberman and a host of other's

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kyfarmer, Jan 20, 2011.

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    They are jumping ship not because of the bull i have done enough public service. They think it's a no win when election comes up. For me looks like a bunch of them shoved a pile of crap down our throat's and then jumping ship shows some of the rats are leaving. 10 seats coming up i think maybe just maybe in the end, the country might survive these idiots. They might be smart enough to know there's nothing to fix what's coming. :scratch
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    They are of course taking their pensions and any remaing reelection funds.

    They shoved enough crap down our throat, that I am not so sure we can recover. The Republicans do not have a record of making waves and moving strongly against the party politic. sad to say. :ignore:

  3. kyfarmer

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    Sadly i might have to agree with ya on this one. Don't look very good.
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    Ya kno I get e mails every day calling on us to "call or text or write" our CongressCritters and I pass them on, knowing in my heart of hearts that the bastards ain't listening , their aides aren't passing on my concerns, they don't care what I think or want.. we don't count except that one day a year when they need to schmooze us for our votes...

    I really don't have an answer but I'm to the point of saying screw them all and just devote my time to prepping for me and mine.. there is nothing we can say or do that will get through to them, they are on a different page from us and in truth they don't give a rats *** about us or even the country.. It's so sad that I feel this way but nothings going to change it.

    Some guy with an FFL lic. posted something about Mrs Gifford being shot and made a remark about one down x number to go, the feds showed up and took all his guns because it was a creditable threat!!.. how many of us have said something like hang the bastards??.. so what happened to free speech? you call 911 and scream there's a killer in your house and the operator wants to ask a dozen questions before they even try to send a cop who may or may not show up.. you could be dying and it's business as usual but OMG!! don't make a negative comment about one of our wonderful leaders... they will be on you in 10 seconds ..

    Face it we don't count we are just the cows grazing in the field waiting for the trip to McDonald's .... wanna be super sized??? ..

    So... I think maybe since I can't tell my "Leader" to get with it or I'm gonna kick his *** without going to jail , I think it's best to just drop out... plant the garden, and start living and let them just get on with being the treasonous bastards they are.. sooner or later the ax falls for us all... they can screw us but they ain't getting out alive... nobody is..

    How dreary this all is.. it was colder in East Texas this am then in Montana!!! now that was a shocker !!.. I'm tired and disgusted and sick of it all... let the fight start.. I'm afraid all we have left is the cartridge box... but not today I'm tired and my Doctor said no Revolution unless I get some rest...:dunno:
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    I to have been sending e-mails, phone calls and even old fashion letter's. Like ya said they don't give a flipping leap. That's what i have decided to do is take care of the home front and vote when i can, for all the good that does. Wait and watch the mess they create. :(
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    makes you wonder who the farmers/ranchers are... :dunno: