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Jihads want pedophiles to. Yes Convicted pedophiles to, can be holy warriors to. They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

Are you a sex trafficker of men, women and children? Well, we have slaves to. We really do. To this very day to. We want you to. They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

Are you a junkie? We want you to. Remember, this is the holy lands to. Paradise to, remember. For you to. After all, we invented junkies to. We know how to use you. We will give you a sword to. You can hack hack away to. Just like you want to (wink wink). They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

So come on, perverts. Let have some fun together to. There are a lot of us to. As we make people around us, suffer and dispare, to. We just cause that to. Then blame others to. Make them mad, on all sides to. At those we attack to. That's what we do. You can be covered in blood to, and listen to the children wail to. So much fun to, and you will get to rage to. With others to. Some much fun to rage to.

Yes, we declared holy war to. There that stupid to. We even said, we want to enslave, and kill them to. Called then foreign devils to, in there own homes to. On TV to. They forget to. All you got to do. Is cause more trouble to. Yea we like to. To cause more trouble to. That's so much fun to. Don't forget to cry to. When you got to. That's what psychopaths do. Pretend to. Care.

Yes the infidels. Are easy to manipulate too. Just cry to. With us to. Then they cry to. Later on, cut there heads off to. Then they will be scared to. Do it over and over again to. It's so much fun, to rage to. Cry about not having jobs to. On TV to. Then the infidels, will give you jobs to. In there own governments to. This will not be another 1000 years holy war to. I guarantee, that to. It was so much fun, turning there sons and daughters, to prostitutes to, and junkies to, with the holy land heroin to. Well, with there own schools to. Music to. Like we use music to.

I could talk about your government now to. Right where you live now to. Since there are so many of them, in there now to. You're airborne now to. Surrounded now to. Even if you don't want to be.

It might just be, a 100 year holy war to. I might live, to see that to. Depending on when, you were born to. Yea, I am a terrorist to. On the terrorist watch list to. So they can justify, what was done, and is done, to me to. Yea, my family murdered, in various ways to. I have no pretty white teeth, either to. A white terrorist to. I know, you are given, no choice to. Only in, how you do. The terrorism, you do. As they force you, to be a terrorist to. Or just a criminal to. Well, in Canada to. Job security, for them to. They like to fantasize to. To be heroes to. Especially, on TV to. Just not, in real life to. In real life, they are your enemies to. Even, if you are not there enemy to. They're not suppose to be, criminals to. More wolves, in sheep's cloth to. Well the criminal justice system, where you are to. Is your enemy to. So when a gov department, is like that to. All your gov, is your enemy to. They want to fantasize to you to. They are not your enemy to. But they all are to.

Your government will not keep you safe. They never have. Not really. Does a life of poverty, sound safe? Poverty is right there, where you are, or a few miles away. Poverty is more and more peoples, job security now. It will get worst. The only way, your government will keep you "safe" is, if it literally, is surrounded by enemies. Almost in rifle range, or as good as. Of course then. Having a gun, does not make you safe. Ask the infantry. Does having a gun, make you safe? So whenever your government, gives you a gun. You are not safe. Not the police, but you. The police to, want you to have a gun then to. But you're just job security to.

You are a terrorist now to. Was always to. To them. That is what they think, and hence do. To you and yours to.

So today is May 18 2021. So now every mourning I have to put up with lots of harassment from jihadies and junkies. Then they keep the stress topped off, throughout the day. Well other perverts to. They are always allowed, to do lots to me.

A recording I made talking about them. They are all the same to me. Psychopaths.

It was a weekly meetup. Not a monthly meetup I talked about.

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The voice of the devil again today. May 19, 2021. Mourning. Constant swearing "we hate your fucking guts" 100s of times. Says "you have no proof" a few times. Don't want to be recorded. About 11 minutes in your can here them using devil voice. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 devil voices going on, in this recording. Needs to be turned up loud. May need to use software like VLC media player, which allows you, to turn up volume past 100% using scroll wheel. 1 hour and 41 minutes long.

I can not imagine what is must be like for men, women and children, around the world now. As this has become part of institutionalized corruption, in governments now. Even worst, much worst being done. You can see this in shows like "60 days in" where learn how to pretend there are not victimizing people. Then get to practice and then, do this, once freed from lockups, locally, where you are. In jails and prisons to. That's who is around me right now. Many others are involved in various ways "pretending" to help you but blame you.


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May 19 2021. 2PM ish. Times are length into recording.

1:21:23 that is me tapping on keyboard. various times.

1:21:49 Kind of hear comments in background. "get out of here" and again a few seconds later. These people have been banished from there native communities. Community justice. Was a death sentence in the past. Done by family and relatives in these small places they came from originally. My middle name is Albert.

1:22:59 woman screams "big fat" and something else

1:22:12 start screams nonsensical stuff right outside my door.

1:22:35 someone says "Janice"

1:22:45 I talk about how it's the prostitute from 201 and one of the staff members or one of the junkies pretending to be a staff member and letting her in room 201. Murders having fun. Prostitute give other drug dealer junkie her key so they can do this. Sounds really crazy. So they like having at least one person with them when they do this type of stuff to people.


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357am in mourning may 4 2021 2021_05_04_03_55_35.mp3 178MB

Made May 4 2021. Some swearing. Almost 4AM in the mourning. Constant nonstop taping. Had already been going on for more than 12 hours straight. This is exactly the type of thing they do to people, to give you a mental breakdown. With others lying, they can not hear anything. Other abuses at same time. "He thinks people are talking about him". Laughing. "He thinks people are after him". Laughing. "He says people make masturbation noises around him". Laughing. "Don't talk to him, he's crazy". All kinds of moaning. No laughing anymore but use to all the time with that to.

May 4 2021 3:57am Some swearing. Can hear the constant, nonstop, banging. Some of these people have been doing this type of thing to people for more than a decade. Not letting people have a good sleep and keeping you exhausted. No deep delta sleep. Experts.

Want to pretend, it was only the junkies around here, doing this before, and now. By having them constantly after you, in various was. Still lots of people involved still. You can not think clearly.

May 19 2021. Listened to some of recording myself, at random.

So several minutes picked after listening to a few places at random. Must be basically screaming for me to record them. So just 5 or 6 minutes of this recording transcribed.

Time are length into recording.

Junkies & jihadies & convicted sex offenders, having fun to. Various violent career criminals to. All are in gangs basically to, or the government to. This even goes on while you sleep to. That shift of people continues to.

2:10:06 loud "owea..." than again "owe..." a few more words. lots of sort of honking noises.
2:10:17 "owe..."
2:10:29 "owe..."
2:10:30 "ass-hole"
2:10:36 "owe..."
2:10:38 "owe..."
2:10:40 "owe..."
2:10:49 "owe..." a few more times
2:11:00 "owe wake up owe"
2:11:04 "owe..."
2:11:05 honking and saying "mother fucker owe...". Disguising there voice
2:11:10 honking saying "fat fuck". Disguising there voice. "owe..."
2:11:15 "owe..."
2:11:19 honking "god" Disguising there voice
2:11:22 honking "god" Disguising there voice
2:11:25 "owe..."
2:11:28 fast with Disguising voice "fat fuck" and "owe..."
2:11:32 fast with disguised voice "fat"
2:11:35 "owe..."
2:11:41 "blow your head" disguised voice
2:11:45 "fat" with disguised voice
2:11:50 "blow your head" with disguised voice and then "owe..."
2:11:55 "owe..."
2:11:58 "owe..."
2:12:02 "owe..."
2:12:05 "I'm warning you" with disguised voice and "fat Albert" at the same time
2:12:09 not sure what said with disguised voice "warning" then "owe..."
2:12:12 "sorry you" with disguised voice and the "owe..."
2:12:12 "fat Albert" in disguised voice then "owe..."
2:12:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice
2:12:18 "fat Albert" in disguised voice
2:12:22 fast in disguised voice "fat fuck"
2:12:25 in disguised voice "belly fuck"
2:12:29 in disguised voice "fuck"
2:12:32 "owe..."
2:12:35 "get out of here" and "owe..."
2:12:39 "owe..."
2:12:41 fast in disguised voice "fat" then "owe mother fucker" and then "get out of here owe"
2:12:44 "owe you perv, get out of here, owe..." 2 different voice
2:12:52 says in disguised voice "fat"
2:12:54 in disguised voice "get her out of here, fat Albert" Albert is my middle name.
2:12:04 "owe..."
2:12:06 "I know" in disguised voice
2:13:11 "owe..."
2:13:13 "now" in disguised voice
2:13:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice and then "owe..."
2:13:18 in disguised voice "fat Albert get out of here" and then "owe..."
2:13:22 "fat" in disguised voice
2:13:25 "fat" in voice
2:13:28 "get out of here" in voice
2:13:32 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:13:34 "owe..."
2:13:35 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:13:39 "fat Albert out of here alright"
2:13:51 "moaning in voice "fat Albert out of here" they are experts at doing all kinds of special effects to voices. Decades of experience.
2:13:54 "you" or "go" in voice
2:13:56 "you" or "go" in voice
2:13:58 fast "fat Albert get out of here" another voice moans "get out" and 1st voice "fat Albert get out"
2:14:05 fast "fat Albert get out here" in voice
2:14:10 "fat Albert get out of here" in voice and then "get the hell out of here"
2:14:17 "get out of here" in voice. Get is also "fat Albert" at same time
2:14:19 "get out of here hurry up" in voice
2:14:24 "get out of here" in voice
2:14:28 "fuck"
2:14:30 "get out of her Albert" in voice
2:14:38 "fat Albert" in voice
2:14:40 "fat Albert" in voice and "owe..."
2:14:45 "fat Albert" in voice
2:14:51 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:14:55 "fat Albert out of here" fat is "get" at the same time in voice
2:15:01 "fat Albert hell out of here" in voice
2:15:05 "get out of here" in voice
2:15:10 "shit" in voice
2:15:12 "get out of here weirdo" in voice
2:15:16 "shit"
2:15:57 "why are you here" in new voice and repeats several times. do this type of stuff in timing with mt breathing. They like doing that.
2:16:26 "Jesus" and continues with "why are you here" repeating in new voice
2:16:25 "someone else makes a comment. The more that one person "why" and "why are you here"
2:16:45 "owe... oh..."
2:16:47 fast "this is end" or "this is the end"
2:16:52 back to "why are you here" with someone else making comments in between
2:17:01 woman "owe..."
2:17:04 women "owe...lay"
2:15:07 "owe..." woman
2:17:10 "owe.." someone else says "get out of here" at same time almost
2:17:13 "owe..." woman
2:17:16 "owe..." woman
2:17:20 "owe..." woman
2:17:23 "owe..." woman
2:17:27 "owe..." woman
2:17:30 "owe..." woman
2:17:33 "owe..." woman
2:17:37 "owe... lee" Leroy, the self proclaimed gang leader. Well pod leader of some. As you see in shows like "60 days in"
2:17:41 "owe..." woman
2:17:43 "owe..." woman
2:17:46 "you need to get out" in muffled voice

Lots more I guess.

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I response to a post somewhere else. About I need help basically.

So do you now. If you think you don't. You simply are not aware. By being a prepper like person, they see you as a threat, to there job security, right where you are. The local gov employees there. That is all, certain types, care about, in the government. Where they have to constantly worry, about department funding (budgets), and such. Maybe get layed off. (Not talked about any more right (Budgets)? Like it use to be. Still happening though). No more talking about politicians anymore either. Compared to before. Just the great party leader, they worship or destroy.

That makes you a serious career security threat, to them. Independent thinking, and wanting to be self sufficient. Let alone reliant upon the government for help.

You are so far away, from what they want, in a citizen, in your self sufficiently thought processes. You are dangerous to people, whom have a hard time, justifying, there jobs. Just like the rest of them have to. Let alone careers. They must, and do, see you as a threat.

All levels of government, right where you are, are local government employees. Including federal government employees.

Where are all the terrorist gone? Why do they still have jobs then? What is, and will be, there justifications, for not only there budgets, but powers to? And new powers, and increases in budgets, yet to be?

What new horrors will "we the people" have to burden? So they can have careers? All kinds of gov departments to. For the type of people, who will do anything, to you, and me, and yours. Who get in these departments? Now it is a science to them. All they got to do, is get away with it, and they all start doing, that thing, to all they can. The modern day slaves they abuse. Yellowknife NT Canada. Where I live, is a perfect example, of what's to come, for all possible. Jihad-A-Stan.

I don't think people understand how horrific it is. What's going on. So the gov does whatever it can, for personal career security. Then they have to stop, for some reason. Like stop talking, about terrorism. But all the problems caused, and flared up, on purpose, are still there, at least worst than before. Just ask the military.

Then the gov, figures out, a new thing, for career security, causing trouble again. (Worst than the last great problem "enemy") That makes that worst, to justify that department(s) staff careers. Then they have to stop again, and figure out, something new again. A even worst problem "enemy" yet again, than the one before. Typically they have to instigate, and flare things up, worst and worst, with more serious consequences for "we the people" in society. That gives them justification, for all they do. Yet again. Basically.
What happens, if you attack, a hornets nest? With the press, military, or police, and unjust laws? What they do, is stir up trouble, on purpose. That means, against you to citizen. Especially law abiding citizen. They are the safest, to go after now. Especially now, and in the future. That's, the way, it is now.

They are almost completely isolated from the consequences, of the problems, they cause, in society. On purpose to. What they get, is promotions and pensions. Instead of prison. You get poverty and prison, or at least a criminal record, and poverty. Poverty as they will there, right where you live, make you and yours, life harder, than it should be. In every way they can.

Have a listen. To what will be done to you, and yours, and actually happens, to people, like me. Well this, only one, of many things, they do now. Allow.

People know. Do you understand. They still do not care. All I did years ago, was talk about, what was happening to me, and they then implemented widely. Never talked about this stuff before. Well for many years. Never knew. Never even understood. They were implementing widely, without me saying anything. I just told people. Like now. Is what they are going to do, and are already doing, my fault? They want you to believe that. So should I say nothing, if I figure out something, like breast cancer again? (Giving women breast cancer on purpose, unneeded xrays). What if you do not like what I say?

I expect it will be a mute point soon. In Canada anyway. New laws look like they are going to be passed. So surprise!

Just homeless even, for me personally. Well roomless. Merely staying alive, or not experiencing grave bodily harm, will be much harder for me then. Not getting a criminal record to. I will have to worry about that. Like a hour ago now, people coming around outside my door threatening violence and getting violent. Pretending it's not a threat, against me. May 19 2021.

With this type of thing going on. Other groups are taking advantage of this, to push there own agendas forward. Just like with the gun movement in the past. The government back then, always wanted 2nd amenders to compromise.

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So the war against Israel had, is over. Or flareup with Hamas. Hamas means "Islamic Resistance Movement". Hamas - Wikipedia

Suppose to use special words like "Hamas" and not Muslim. Lots of special words get used. Instead of Muslin. To complicate situations for you. Unless you understand.

Junkies lead from the front, in 1st world countries. Are the holy warriors to.
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