JDY Fiction - So Much For Global Warming! - A Vignette

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    "So Much For Global Warming! - A Vignette" by Jerry D Young Copyright 2010

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    Cute story ... :wave:

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    I've had bosses like that. As a matter of fact, this story is almost deja vu for me. Snow storm hit and I was one of only two people who came in to work. I made it due to 4 wheel drive, the other because she had wood and sand in her trunk (she was a Chicago transplant).

    No one else came in, but everyone got paid. I and the other lady who came in got no extra pay, and no extra day off. What a drag. :cry:

    The lesson I learned - act like the sheeple and pretend you can't get in. :sssh:

    Thanks for writing!