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Great story.

Have a question for you, with the way that you describe all the BOV's, what kind of BOV do you have, a 'burban?

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I'm afraid I can't quite afford some of the things I write about. I do have a good BOV in my opinion, except for EMP.

It's a 1999 GMC Sonoma High Rider 4x4

3-door, Vortec V-6, 31" Toyo all terrain M&S tires.

Carries what I need protected inside behind the seats and plenty of room in the bed for everything else.

If the engine ever goes out I'll probably try to put in a Cummins 4BT for EMP protection and the ability to use bio-diesel.

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Yea my best rough transport is named Cody.
2000 lb Percheron.
4 leg drive. With 1 white sock.
3 days with no fuel maybe 4
A 4 foot wall is all taken in stride 6 foot is tougher
He has pulled a suburban up a slight grade for 2 1/2 miles
before needing a break.
Top speed about 20 mph.
Saddle or draft.
Water snow mud all just a new toy
A 12 gauge will make his head jerk but his feet never
Then if it gets tough I bring out his twin brother.
I had a big baldy decide to kill me and they showed up
From half a mile away to fix that!
I had no tree no tractor no cover period.
Now when baldy sees me she leaves quick!
Either horse will saddle up to 4 people or 1 with 4
Duffel bags.
They will carry 600 lbs half a day
Either one alone can roll 2000 lbs through most terrain.
Together they can roll 5000
Cody has moved a 10 x 14 storage shed with a 3 roller
Wood snatch block ( old ship tackle)
I'm hoping if they can't get me out of trouble that we can
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