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    "Planning Pays Off" by Jerry D Young Copyright 2008

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    A question for our JDY.

    First of all I sincerely appreciate the sharing of your gift and talent of combining prepping and storytelling. I have read quite a few so far and eagerly look for the opportunity to read more.

    I enjoy armchair QBing my prep plans and seeing a mix of prep and failure to launch and the consequences or failures of each. THANKS!

    My question is your take on Potassium Iodide/Iodate tabs in a fallout scenario.
    You are so well researched on so many aspects, I know you must have an interesting/ purposeful angle for this in your writings.
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  3. Jerry D Young

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    Glad you like the stories.

    My take on the radioactive iodine situation is rather different than most, I'm afraid. In a nuclear power plant accident, I belive that there could be/will be quite a bit of the radioactive iodine released and it will travel down wind for miles. Anyone around a nuclear power plant should have the KI/KIO3, especially for children.

    As to the radioactive iodine produced by nuclear weapons, I don't think it will be a major factor. Limited amounts are produced, and it is my belief that the clouds of various gasses, including iodine, will be disipated rapidly. Fallout many miles downwind will not have much, if any radioactive iodine gas included. This is my opinion, based on my research. I know it differs significantly from other writers and posters on the subject. Personally, I don't keep KI/KIO3 at hand, because I don't believe it to be necessary in a nuclear weapon detonation scenario.

    Remember, this is my opinion. Others differ dramatically.
  4. SurvivalNut

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    I appreciate your lending your opinion. You answer explains the absence in your stories which again matches your research and on-target credibility on numerous topics. Thanks!:congrat:
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    Enjoyed that read immensely Mr. Young. Thanks. :D
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    Just finished reading as well ...

    have a couple questions for you, but, will ask in a new thread that I shall post shortly.
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    Glad to see the "family" worked out. Good story. :)