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    "Missy - A Vignette" by Jerry D Young Copyright 2009

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    Awww .. their baby was ok.

    Yes, I am cryin' too

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    I guess I taught my daughter wrong all those years ago. I taught her to look for the best hiding place and stay put, no matter what she heard. It never occurred to me to caution her about being trapped with no escape.

    Food for thought. :scratch
  5. Jerry D Young

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    Thanks for all the kind words Ezmerelda.

    I woudn't say you were wrong. I think things are a little different now. With shooters likely to just start spraying fire everywhere there aren't too many safe places to hide in a school. And the things that perps do to little boys and girls if they do get their hands on them are beyond belief.

    But sometimes hiding is the best thing to do. The really tough part is teaching a child when to do each. But being locked down with others, right out in the open just doesn't set well with me.
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    Another great offering from JDY. For those like me who are a JDY junkie, his "PAW Stories" CD is available through ebay.com for under $30. Well worth the price for the stories alone, but he has also included a number of his "prepper" files in .pdf, (and no, I'm not his agent :D...although I am a fan).:congrat::congrat::congrat: