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    "Influences" by Jerry D Young Copyright 2006

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    "Of course Big had lots of magazines and the 10,000 rounds of surplus ammo many of the guys on the forums recommended. And he knew just were he would use some of the ammo, when the time came, if push came to shove.
    Big had been coming home one afternoon, early because of a problem with the machine shop electricity. A delivery truck was unloading a bunch of five or six gallon buckets at the house on the north corner of Big‟s street where it met 9th. Big hoped it wasn‟t all beans and rice. He‟d make them pay if it was. Everybody said Mountain House was the way to go. And MRE‟s."​

    And this is why I drive out to pick up my orders, then back into the garage and close the door before I start unloading. Who knows how many Bigs are in my neighborhood?

    As a matter of fact, after trips to the grocery store, I back in and close the door. Often, when I haven't shopped at all, I back in, close the door, then come right out the front door to fiddle in the garden, or pick up the mail...nothing to see here, truck's empty, I just like parking in the garage...:peep:
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    Ohhhh noooo.
    Excellent story.
    Excellent ending.
    One sentence to long?
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