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  1. Jerry D Young

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    "Disaster In The 'Burbs" by Jerry D Young Copyright 2008

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  2. CVORNurse

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    Once again it kept me interested. I actually stayed up until 1am to finish it. But most of the other survivors seemed so darned whiney and needy. You can bet your a** that if I were in that situation, I would have been one of the first to be volunteering for the nasty jobs, such as removing the bodies and such. But then I do not subscribe to the handout mentality, expecting to sit back and be taken care of by others.

    Keep em coming.

  3. UncleJoe

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    Darlene is a bit like DW; will bend over backwards to help, but hard as nails if you cross her. :)
  4. NaeKid

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    Done the 'burbs ... a refreshing change from a nuclear strike :2thumb:
  5. rflood

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    Have started to go through some of the fiction items out here and I am really enjoying them. Lots of neat ideas to try out and a few things I never even gave thought to.
  6. HarleyRider

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    Loved it!! :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb: :beercheer:
  7. HarleyRider

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    Topic For A New Book

    Hey, Jerry.... how about a book where the disaster is not EMP or Nuclear War. How about one where aliens land and try to take over the planet? That might be a lot of fun. :D:D

    They could be trying to steal all of our wheat and corn to make the breading for their own version of the Corn Dog. :cool:

    It might be a fun April Fools Day offering. :D
  8. Jerry D Young

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    I'll think about it. Haven't had any ideas to that affect, but you never know.
  9. PopPop

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    That was a good one. Thanks
  10. Ezmerelda

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    Great story!

    I enjoyed reading your story, and it gave me a wonderful idea. My husband has mentioned taking a piece of the garage and building an extra room...now I think I'll suggest we make it a shelter like the one in your story - you know, in case of tornadoes;) ?

    My husband isn't much of a prepper, but he lets me do what I want as long as I don't inconvenience him too much, or can give him a reason that seems logical and down-to-earth to him.

    Preparing for tornadoes is one thing, preparing for the total economic collapse of our country (and others), not so much.

    Thanks for writing!