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    Hi everyone.

    Can anyone point me to a GOOD source for info on the radiation from japan.

    I'm just trying to get some up to date real info. I've been going stir crazy trying to sift through all the stuff on my own.

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    Fukushima Radiation Intel

    I'm new here but I have been following this situation alot. There is a mechanism afoot whereby officially declared "safe levels" are being raised to what would in normal times be considered unsafe, and the official measurement as reported through the media is being removed form local and state sources, and done strictly through EPA. In the field of intelligence analysis, it is imperative to take into account multiple unrelated sources of information in order to arrive at a synthesis closest to the truth. Because they are taking active measures to deny the availability of multiple independent sources of data outside and forcing it all under their exclusive locus of control, the objective appears to be on of sinister hiding and obfuscation of the truth. Maybe that is why Claric's hair was standing on end in another forum thread. I will not regard any information coming from their quarter as trustworthy, be it what constitutes new safe levels, or what real level of radiation is falling around us. So there happens to be a private network of geiger counters connected to the web that shows ambient levels of radiation. This is an independent source of information outside the federal control loop (for now). There is also a German research project that does simulation based forecasts. Germany being somewhat opposed to nuclear energy anyway is more inclined to be less assertive in doctoring data, which is the natural and expected tendency of the federal reality engineers on this side of the ocean. I just access the links to these and almost any related Fukushima radiation topic by search keyword at the following site

    The InnoPlex ION Newsnet
    The InnoPlex ION Newsnet

    There is also a Norwegian air research project I accessed through the same site that created simulation forecast maps by isotope, but was accessed indirectly through one of the articles on the site, not direct link. Just use the search box with related keywords and alot of good stuff will come up.

    Hope that will help fill in some of the blanks for you.

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    So what should I look for with my CDV 700 as for as readings?At what reading should I be concerned?
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    Hmmm...Maybe all that radiation will finally create