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  1. horseman09

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    Some European countries are now raiding private retirement funds. Wanna bet the fedsters are gonna try that here? Of course, it will be in the name of national security, and it's in your best interest and they'll pay it back.

    European nations begin seizing private pensions -

    Beans'n bullets folks.
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Years ago Larry Burkett (Christian financial counselor) predicted that would happen here in the US. I hope that if it does they start with the congressional retirement fund.

  3. JayJay

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    and bandaids!!!

    And don't forget...those funds they're seizing helped the fraud and Ms. fraud vacation in Hawaii for two years, and take half the administration to Dumbai, a special plane for the mutt, get the point!!
  4. BasecampUSA

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    Yeah... O'Bama needs a lot of money....

    For instance G-20 London, and his India visit last Autumn...
    "The heads of government in London for the G-20 summit are discussing serious and weighty issues, which in time will be duly reported on, but right now the British press is entranced by the sheer size of President Obama's traveling entourage. And no wonder.
    Obama arrived with 500 staff in tow, including 200 Secret Service agents, a team of six doctors, the White House chef and kitchen staff with the president's own food and water.
    And, according to the Evening Standard, he also came with "35 vehicles in all, four speech writers and 12 teleprompters." For sure, our president is not going to be at a loss for words.
    The press duly reported on Air Force One and all its bells and whistles but also on the presence of the presidential helicopter, Marine One, and a fleet of identical decoys to ferry him from Stansted airport to central London.
    Among all those vehicles is the presidential limousine, which one local paper mistakenly called Cadillac One, but is universally referred to as the Beast. The limo, reinforced with ceramic and titanium armor, carries tear gas cannon, night vision devices, its own oxygen and is resistant to chemical and radiation attack. It is, marveled one reporter, a sort of mobile panic room. The Guardian called it "the ultimate in heavily armored transport."
    The president is entitled to all the security, communications and support he feels necessary to do his job but surely, when we're trying to project a more restrained, humble image to the world, the president's huge retinue could be scaled back to something less than the triumphal march from 'Aida.' "

    President Obama's trip to India will cost the U.S. $200m-a-day, it was reported today.
    The visit - part of a 10-trip to Asia - will take place amid unprecedented levels of security in the city of Mumbai, where terrorists killed at least 173 people two years ago.
    Extreme measures to ensure the safety of President Obama will include the complete booking of the 570-room Taj Mahal Hotel for his security entourage.
    Read more: Obama's '$200m-a-day' India visit picked up by US taxpayers | Mail Online

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  5. BadgeBunny

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    You know that isn't gonna happen. Poor ol' Charlie Rangel ... broke and all now ... He "needs" that retirement ... :ignore:
  6. Elinor0987

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    More than likely, they'll end up writing a bill to exclude themselves and whichever special interest groups give the most campaign contributions. Never underestimate a group of politicians after money.
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  7. HozayBuck

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    Why don't one of you real artistic types who can do good things with photo shop find a picture of the "Beast" and pimp out ObamaFairy's ride... you know.."LOW rider, wild paint, spinner wheels.. etc.. call it "Pimpdaddy one" make a great wallpaper or even a poster...hell I'd buy one maybe more...:D:D
  8. horseman09

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  9. BasecampUSA

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    Hell, why not just stick his head in the Batmobile?

  10. goshengirl

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    Hey Basey, he doesn't have his 12 teleprompters. Oh wait, that explains the questions marks for thoughts...:D
  11. horseman09

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    Oh wait! That can't be the President of the United States of America...............because there is an American Flag in the pic. :mad:
  12. JayJay

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    I heard since he and his 'party' had their azzes handed to them Nov. 5th, they are playing nice- nice...:ignore:
  13. greaseman

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    You can bet our leaders are planning to seize everyones retirement funds sooner or latter. I have personally heard several congressional leaders talking about it somewhat on interviews. They already have the legislation mad up, and it's sitting in committee, waiting for the right time.
    One thing for sure, if they're talking about it, they're going to do it. Remember this fact. The same people who own the debt in Europe, are the same ones who own the debt here. it's one big happy family. When it comes to world finance, there are no borders.
    The only way to fight this event, is to remove yourself from the banking system as much as possible. Only keep what's absolutely necessary in any bank. Close out all 401k's and make the funds dissapear. Don't woryy about the fees or taxes. In the long run, it won't make any difference, especially if you buy gold and silver with the funds.
    Precious metals are the only real money, and that's what the elites keep. You only have a short time to follow those principles.