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Thanks for sharing.

We have found the quality of the Commissary Case Lot sales have gone down hill in recent years. We still go to them armed with our price list of other stores and compare prices. Although there is no sales tax, you still pay the 5% surcharge on your purchases.

We went to the local case lot sale last year and did find some great deals. We have found that we can find better deals at the local ALDI and other discount stores in the area and stock up when we find awesome deals.

Our recommendation would be to have your price list from other stores in hand when you go to the case lot sales. We found some items that seemed like a good bargain, but after looking at our list, we found we could do better off-base.

Again, thanks for the reminder.

By the way, take a hike on the Florida Trail. You might be surprised how many bug out locations are close to you right off the trail.
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